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    I completely forgot that Smallville and Supernatural were new episodes, and missed both. Does anyone know if they will be aired again or on any other channel.
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    I actually played that part on mute, so know one would hear. My friends also only see the less than awesome parts.
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    When I was fighting Xaldin I had gotten him to almost no health with out using a single healing item and without taking much damage, then the on last bit of his health I went through all my potions without getting a single hit in.... I died.
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    i cant get final form!!!

    Have you beaten Saix yet, I think your chances are highest in this fight. Every time I played this is when I got it.
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    RAM Question

    The front of my computer says I have 512Mb of RAM, but in system properties it says I have 448. Can I still run games that require 512?
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    ..he's where I am on non fm+.
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    Final Form????

    So, pretty much just change forms like crazy until you get it.
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    Going into Final Form drains the points, makes it easier to level it up
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    Talk Radio

    Does anyone here listen to talk radio as much as I do, or have you all fallen victim to the Drive-by media. I was unsure where to put this.
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    I didn't think anyone used the guides. It ruins the game.
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    what!? You can use mickey.
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    Did anyone else notice...?

    As did I.
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    King of Thorns?

    Anyone here read King of Thorns. There are only 17 chapters out, and slow in coming, but it's pretty good.