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    KH movie

    What would everybody think if Nomura made an actual movie from the KH series? Not one of those straight to DVD anime movies, but something you would go to the theater to see. Do you think there would a little change in characters, change in plot, more or less disney? Just wanted to see what...
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    Who is xemnas?

    Who exactly is Xemnas? I know he's a nobody of Ansem, but ive been reading things on here that he was riku and Ansems imposter and so many other things on these forums. I'm new to the KH series and am only about half-way through the first game so im probably getting ahead of myself wanting to...
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    Any other TOOL fans on here?

    I am a huge fan the band TOOL. Just seeing if I was the only one. lol
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    Order of play

    Hello everyone. im new to the whole Kingdom Hearts series, but i know theres more than just one game, and also alot of side storys. so how do you play them in chronological order?
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    Just wanted to introduce myself

    Hello fellow Kingdom Hearts fans lol. Im new here, but I just wanted to introduce myself. Im kinda new to the Kingdom Hearts series and just bought KH1 three days ago, but so far im hooked on the entire story. So hey, and hope to talk to everybody soon!