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  1. theaquaman

    check out my vid!

    I made a mashup video on SKyfall by adele and Take care by drake.. it starts 30 seconds in... enjoy! Take Care and Let the Skyfall - YouTube
  2. theaquaman

    Tron easter egg-Anyone notice this?

    Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance (English Version) - Walkthrough Part 28 HD KH3D - YouTube go to 9:12
  3. theaquaman

    Tron easter egg-Anyone notice this?

    in a cutscene, u can literallly c the mcp in the ceiling of the world
  4. theaquaman

    Tron easter egg-Anyone notice this?

    anyone notice the mcp in the ceiling of the tron legacy world? I love noticing kh easter eggs....speaking of, if you've noticed any others from any other game post them!
  5. theaquaman

    Regain Block?

    some of the boss battles are literally impossible. Is their a way to get regain block like in bbs?
  6. theaquaman

    G4 Reviews 3D

    4.5/5 not bad! Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review for 3DS - G4tv
  7. theaquaman

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Amazon pre-ordersss..... Did anyone else preorder the game from amazon? i did a while ago and im worried im not going to get it by tomorrow!! (i even put the speed shipping)
  8. theaquaman

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Floor Report E3 2012 - YouTube
  9. theaquaman

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    3D cast.... Is it safe to trust the the imdb KHDDD cast???? because if its right it looks amazing.....
  10. theaquaman

    March KH3D Famitsu Scans! + Translations in 1st Post

    Re: March KH3D Famitsu Scans! why do you think sora and riku are in their kingdom heart 1 outfits in the scan with xemnas and Mickey?
  11. theaquaman

    kh1 sora and riku?

    when sora and riku are fighting ursula in the new trailer, it looks like they have kh 1 outfits on....anyone agree???
  12. theaquaman

    KH on ign again

    Not only did Ign Put out the 8 minute trailer online but It was featured in the ign daily fix!!! Vita Glitches & Devil May Cry HD Details - IGN Daily Fix 12.20.11 - YouTube The picture of the KHDDD title doesn't have the japanese subtitles... it could prove that the american version is...
  13. theaquaman

    BIRTH by sleep

    Do you think the title, birth by SLEEP will finally be explained in DREAM drop distnace? i just realized they were connected...maybe birth by sleep means the beginning of finding truth in dreams.... i don't know. What do u all think?
  14. theaquaman

    A new enemy.

    A lot of people are saying the weird things following sora are party members. I disagree, i think they are new enemeys i took theis screen shot. /Users/evanmcreddie/Desktop/Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 7.46.56 AM.png
  15. theaquaman

    Another characters? photos inside

    Thats not a party member its a new enemy! go to KH13.com to see a clearer vid of sora fighting other things that ook like that.
  16. theaquaman

    KH3D briefly mentioned in IGN daily fix

    New Zelda Details & Flash on Apple! - IGN Daily Fix 09.13.11 - YouTube Already news but good to hear again!
  17. theaquaman

    more ign stuffff

    Tokyo Countdown: Square Enix - Games Feature at IGN
  18. theaquaman

    Tech ► Should i wait?

    EBGAmes just lowered the price for the 3Ds, and i'm getting one definitely for KH3D but should i wait for KH3D to come out and get it, or buy the system now cause the price drop...?
  19. theaquaman

    any chance at all?

    DO u guys think their is any chance their might be a teaser for kh3 at tgs? I know it sounds very far fetched but remember how surprised we were at e3 2010 with The announcement for KH3D and KHR:Coded? idk its just a thought....
  20. theaquaman

    IGN Daily fix, featuring KHDDD!!!!!!

    ‪New Modern Warfare 3 & Kingdom Hearts Details - IGN Daily Fix 08.09.11‬‏ - YouTube I think is sums up the Recent News!