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  1. BlackSeven

    Programming Language?

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone here had any experience with programming? I've wanted to get into it for a while but can never find myself willing to spend so much time to learn it. I've learned the basics of Java a while back but am currently interested in C# or C++ game programming. I was...
  2. BlackSeven

    Gummi Ships and Space with PS4/X1

    I've been thinking about how the past iterations of Kingdom Hearts have been on pretty limited hardware and how this new game being on the PS4/X1 will make the game completely different. I particular I was wondering how going from world to world might work or how the "openness of it" might...
  3. BlackSeven


    Didn't see any other thread about it, but what do you guys think about? Don't think it's going to be system seller but the multiplayer looks pretty fun, I know I'll be getting it just to get something different from the typical FPS. This is going to be exclusive to the Wii U and at E3 we saw a...
  4. BlackSeven

    BlackSevens Shop

    Hi all, new to this community but I've really gotten into Kingdom Hearts for the last couple of months and really want to learn and be more involved. That being said, I really like to make Signatures/Designs/Motion Graphics and would really like to make some signatures if anyone needs one. So...