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  1. Noivern

    The Princesses of Heart and the (Thirteen Shards of) Darkness: The missing link?

    Okay, so this theory is.. a bit wild. I'd like to start off that most of the Darkness-aspect of this theory came to me after I thought about the Princesses part, so this is going to be a very raw post with my initial brainstorm. Don't really expect a mega thread with links and so on. Ok, so...
  2. Noivern

    [ReMind + Union X Spoilers] Could the Gigas be a hint of the new main enemy for future games?

    I'm currently replaying KH3, and I finished Toy Box a few days ago, and while doing so one thing stroke me as odd; more so because I don't think I've seen anyone talk about it here. Regardless of what type we are facing/piloting, if you look at the Gigas you can notice something they all have...
  3. Noivern

    Trying to understand "Shibuya" (Re:Mind spoilers)

    So, I've been thinking lately about all the parallels between KH and Versus XII. But I've also took into consideration the possible parallels between KH3 and FFXV, as in the completed game. KH3 introduced a new concept to the series that was only hinted at before: different worldlines. But...
  4. Noivern

    Would you play a KH spin off in a different gaming genre?

    Basically what the title says. Another thread made me think of this and it's something that I really want, but I'm not sure how others would react to it. Would you like to see KH as a franchise expanding past the stablished action-rpg gameplay and diving into different genres like...
  5. Noivern

    The true meaning of Darkness x Addiction to the Light

    This is something that has been on my mind for quite a while now but I always forgot to make a thread about it. Darkness, in Kingdom Hearts, is treated as a power of evil and corruption. The Realm of Light is the place where most of the saga takes place, while the Realm of Darkness is a...
  6. Noivern

    What's your favorite collectable-gimmick in the main games?

    I'm talking about the Trinity spots in KH1, the Crown Puzzle Pieces in KH2 and the Hidden Mickeys in 3. I think each had a unique characteristic about them that can't be replaced: Trinity had cool unique animations emphasing the connection between the main trio, the Puzzle Pieces were fun to...
  7. Noivern

    What is it with Nomura's nitpicking with Donald and Goofy's redesigns?

    I know I have mentioned how I did a replay of the franchise in a lot of my posts, but seriously: going through all of the games at once only highlighted how weird it is that Sora's companions, the co-protagonists of the franchise who are besides us at nearly all times in the 3 main entries of...
  8. Noivern

    Rant: How the games released after KH2 lead up to KH3's finale.

    Hello! Something that's been going on my mind ever since I've seen the ending for this game and it stuck even after going back and watching the entire thing is how the past games have been used into this game and the missed opportunities. This is going to be pretty spoiler heavy and cover...
  9. Noivern

    Finally joining in the fun!

    I know this section is pretty much dead, but I've figured I'd write something so anyone who may come across me in other threads can find this when stalking my profile for future reference on who I am, In case I turn out to be active here. Hello, my name is Marco, or Marty as I usually go by in...