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    Kingdom Hearts II New Scans!!

    ITS CAP'N JACK SPARROW MATE! man, he looks even better that I would have thought the new organization dude needs to get a sideburns cut, he looks like Mr T I PITY THE FOO
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    holy crap its jack sparrow

    your mom is unrealistic..... anyway, Pirates is fine with me, it was a good movie, but if they stick lilo and stitch, kim possible, or any other crapy disney stuff in im going to stab someone....with a knife... and it will hurt
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    Another One?!?!

    ok, youve got to be kidding me on this one.... "At the Sony E3 2005 press conference Square-Enix just showed a Final Fantasy VII trailer running on PS3. The demo depicted the introduction sequence to the original Final Fantasy VII, but was titled "Technical Demo for PS3." This means that it...
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    D-pad vs. right analog stick

    screw the right A-stick, I spent the whole game (76 hrs) without even knowing what the right analoge stick did. when i found out that you didnt have to stop moving to use magic it i was so pissed i beat myself with the controller....it hurt
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    if u could pick a world sora could be in what would it be: any movie or show is fine

    Any star ocean TTEOT word... i dont know what the heck there would be to do but its by Square so it could happen, plus that game ROX MY SOX
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    The Trailer without the BG music

    YEAH ME TOO! I want to se the trailer! ): KHU said they would have better music quality, not VA, but that would be really cool to hear their voices
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    Screw the threads about hte trailer, I got the important pics lol

    KIARI LOOKS HAWTT!!! ..... was that strange? anyway I cant wait for the game even more now!!!!!that gummi ship looks awesome and it has 3 meter thing in the corners instead of just 1 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! IM SO HAPPE! HAPPE LIKE MY PAPPE TAKING A NAP...E!!! ..... i blame sugar
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    Three Sora's

    I dont believe all of this "three Soras" and "shell" crap, its just to complicated, who came up with that stuff anyway? I have played KH and CoM a few times any it never mentioned anything about "shells" or differernt versions of the same person. I do, though, think that BHK is a twilight-ish...