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  1. NoWay

    Post-game kinda boring?

    I respect you opinion but I don’t think the way you do. I really enjoyed KH3’s world and have never explored any KH world like the KH3 ones. I actually spent approximately 3-4 hours per world to explore them and would like to spent more time in them. The only worlds that feel a bit empty for me...
  2. NoWay

    Post-game kinda boring?

    This is simply not true. KH3’s (Disney) Towns are more alive than any other KH games worlds. Look at Olympus, Twilight Town, Corona, The Caribbean and San Fransokyo.
  3. NoWay

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    Isn’t anybody else worried about the DLC? I mean everything looks cool but I am worried about being disappointed again. I mean, I’d be really sad if we only could play as Aqua, Riku and Roxas during these bossfights. I want to explore the KG (or more) with them. I also still hope that they...
  4. NoWay

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    Everyone was complaining about Oathkeeper and Oblivion not being in the game. I can understand why they decided to include Oathkeeper. Maybe we’ll also see Oblivion.
  5. NoWay

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    Well, I Hope that playable also means playable outside of battles. Not like the Riku and Aqua segments we already have in KH3. But Young Xehanort Talking to the Master of Masters? Sounds like hype!
  6. NoWay

    What you Want/Don't Want/Expect in the next game

    I actually wouldn’t mind having 7-8 Disney worlds in a possible KH4 IF we had 3-4 proper/large/expanded/explorable Original worlds. 11-12 worlds in total are fine for me. I mean, I needed like 40hrs for the main story in the Disney worlds + exploring them. I actually still haven’t fully explored...
  7. NoWay

    Am I the only one that thinks yozora is gonna be a series mainstay?

    It would be really cool if Yozora was the main character in the next game. They could give KH a new tone with him
  8. NoWay

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    I actually think that this is very interesting considering they were first planning to let KH3 start off with Aqua in the RoD. From a fan’s point of view, I think this would have been great for the experience. I would not deny that Olympus as the first world was a good choice for new players...
  9. NoWay

    The Critical Mode Experience Thread

    I was a bit disappointed in the Keyblade Graveyard. I expected the Organization Battles to be a little bit harder. I mean, yeah I technically died a few times but it still felt a bit too easy for me with Level 45. However, the fight against YX, Ansem and Xemnas was a lot harder than the others...
  10. NoWay

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    I also think that porting The Story so Far on the XBOX & Switch would definitely help boosting the sales for further KH games. :)
  11. NoWay

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III remains the best-selling game of 2019 YTD for the fourth consecutive month

    Actually, I think that now it’s easier for SE to release a new KH game because they have the new assets from KH3 and don’t need to rebuild everything from the scratch. Also, KH3 looks stunning in UE4. I really hope they use this engine the whole next console generation. And because of the...
  12. NoWay

    News ► Kingdom Hearts outfit and weapon for Squall Leonhart coming to Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT in June

    Well to be honest, I still don’t think that $13 or $20 are worth it. I mean, I love Squall and I like his KH outfit. But I wouldn’t pay that much money for a weapon, an outfit and some extra voice lines. I mean, with a $10 or a $20 expansion DLC you could add so much more instead of paying for...
  13. NoWay

    A few months later, was KH3 a failure?

    I actually enjoy KH3’s critical mode more than KH2’s critical mode.
  14. NoWay

    News ► Nomura shares first details of Kingdom Hearts III DLC

    I want my Aqua Bae to be playable again <3
  15. NoWay

    News ► KH3 Critical Mode adds various QOL updates including save carry over, more photo slots

    I would prefer if WE could decide which Attraction Flow to use. For example: Using Thunder based magic in big areas triggers the Shooting Ride Attraction Flow or using Water based magic in big areas triggers the Pirate Ship. Just like the command styles worked in BBS. Now it only seems random.
  16. NoWay

    The Critical Mode Experience Thread

    Hey guys, I thought we needed a thread where everyone can post their impressions and opinions while playing the new mighty critical mode. I wanted to test it like 5 minutes before going to sleep again (it’s still in the night in Europe) and I have died like 5 times against the Darkside and...
  17. NoWay

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3's Critical Mode will be arriving tomorrow!

    I finished my first play through (normal mode) like 2 days ago and was nearly starting proud mode. Well, now I won’t touch proud mode. :D How many hours does “tomorrow (PT)” mean?
  18. NoWay

    News ► USGamer interviews Yasue on KH3's development, not cutting content, positive approach to series

    I would have preferred, if they cut the 100 Acre Woods world to expand Scala Ad Caelum or Riku’s story segment with a playable RG or expanded RoD.