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    How to get KH2 in India?

    I live in India. I searched everywhere here but I cant find KH2. Every thread is like a spoiler to me now. I dont know how KH ended up here but its been so long since the release of KH2 Andd I still cant get it. I asked my dad if I could order it from somewhere else like USA or Europe but he...
  2. Z

    Roxas, an order member?

    This is just a theory= I've noticed that all the order members have one "x" in their name= 1) ? 2) Xigbar 3) Xaldin 4) Vexen 5) Lexaeus 6) Zexion 7) Saix 8) Axel 9) Demyx 10) Luxord 11) Marluxia 12) Larxene 13) ? BHK's name is Roxas. It has an "x". So, could it be that he is the superior or...
  3. Z

    Kh 2 Characters

    I jus wanted to talk about the KH2 characters. Sora, riku, kairi, BHK, etc. Firstly waddya think of the new improved Sora?