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    Format File

    Thanks very much. ^0^
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    Format File

    Can you guys give me the URL of the Quicktime player? I don't know where I should download it.
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    E3 Trailer High Res.

    Milh, the second one won't work. -.-;
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    Format File

    I have some trouble here. I downloaded the tralier (E3) but I found out that is .mov format file.... Windows Media Player, Winamp, DivX can't open it, so what do you guys use to watch? Thanks.
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    I have a weird thoughts... Maybe... Riku will die? I mean, Square won't show him up (even his face) to us, so maybe there's something wrond with him? And maybe he will end up like KH1? Sad sad sad ending?
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    I'm wondering between twilit (it's spelled twilit or twilight? I saw 'twilit' on the dictionary) and dark.... em... Oh, ok, twilit!
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    Riku + BHK + Mickey = team?

    Maybe is that two guys on the KH2 trailer. Who knows...? Or maybe, it will be with Riku and Mickey. If it's real, I would be very happy. ^^
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    E3 05!!!

    Thanks for the information! Whoa, I tought it will be held in Tokyo , or at least Japan. ^^;;; Where? *blink* 0.o;;;
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    E3 05!!!

    What?! OMG Riku, Sora, and Ansem is fighting each other? o.o;;; Wow that's shocking, yet interesting. Er... do you have more information about Pokemon? *blink* And any about Riku? And the BFU? Thanks. Gee, I wish I'm there. Err... sorry my stupidipity, but where does E3 held? o.o;;;
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    who would win in a catfight?kairi or namine

    Wakakka.... That would be interesting. LOL Namine: "Shut up you I'll mess with your head!" Kairi: "No you won't!!!" *pull out a blade* Sora: "HEYY! STOP YOU TWO!" *Sora got a slash of Kairi's blade and his head messed up by Namine* Namine: "Oh nooo!!" Kairi: "Aawwww!! My maaannn!!!" LOL...
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    the screens below kh2 banner

    Funny. Very funny..
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    I guess Ansem is back....
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    I don't live in US too, but maybe we can find out soon.
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    Fanfiction ► Blinded (THIS IS THE LAST TIME I POST THIS!)

    OK, It's already Friday night here. ^.^
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    Theories on Riku's role in KHII

    Maybe it's kinda hard to accept this, but I have a weird thoughts bout Riku lately.... I... believe: "You're the source of all Heartless"(at the end of ASAS) is Riku. But, I hope, it isn't.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:my way

    I want her with Riku >.< ^^' Excel is cute, too. Keep working on it.
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    the most inportant thing in KH2

    The most important thing to me is the storyline.... I wanna see them live happily again, that's why I play it.
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    Could someone translate this?

    I agree with KratosAurion; cause I know Chinese and I know a bit of Japanese's kanji. The first two characters means world. and the forth means light.
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    That sentences.... At the and of ASAS...

    Thanks... Just slowing and stopping them to read them ^^'