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    Has there been any word of world's like Robin Hood, Great Mouse Detective, Sword and the Stone, Jungle Book, Black Cauldron, Lion King, and Lilo and Stitch? They've been rumored for a long time and I just want to know if there's been any new source of info on them being in KH2?
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    KH manga

    I heard that the english dubbed version of the KH manga is coming to US( courtesy of Tokyopop) but does anyone know the date or month it's coming out? :confused:
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    Question about End of the World

    After you beat Chernabog in EotW, you enter the valcano and as you continue on you see these small buildings and houses, except they all looked destroyed or crumbled. What do you think this could mean? My guess is that they maybe potray worlds that have been destroyed or worlds you have been...
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    Supernatural Sightings

    Have any of you experienced ghost sightings, or anything simular that you can't really explain? Like you're in bed or something and you wake up, then see someone at the foot of your bed or someone standing a couple ways from you. You're staring at them then a couple seoconds later they've...
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    Create a Heartless for KH2

    Simple. Create your own heartless, give it abilities, descirbe its appearance, height/weight(optional) element, what world it can be found in, and any other information. I'll post up my own heartless later, but what's your ideas?
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    Final World Semi-Boss

    Even though the final world in KH2 hasn't been confirmed yet( even though many expect it's DD), I was wondering if they'll put a semi-boss for you to fight just like Chernabog was in End of the World in the original KH. If they do, who'd you expect it to be, or like it to be?
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    Kingdom Hearts Animated

    If Kingdom Hearts were ever to become a movie or animated series, what would you prefer it should be: anime style, normal disney cartoon animation, or CGI? Choices are on the poll above.
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    Kingdom Hearts Animated

    If Kingdom Hearts were ever to become a movie or animated series, what would you prefer it should be: anime style, normal disney cartoon animation, or CGI?
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    Organization and Disney Villians

    Do you think the organization and disney villians are working together, or do they both have their own intentions?
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    If you had the choice to put any vilian or bad guy in KH2, who would it be? I'd like to see Merlock, the evil sorceror from the Ducktales movie and Seymour from FFX.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Inverted Hearts

    http://www.the-mousehole.net/KHIH/KH-InvertedHearts.htm I know this has nothing to do with KH2, but I was searching through the web for KH2 demos when I came up to this demo of a fan-made KH game. My computer can't download the game cause I have a mac, so I can't play to tell if it's good or...
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    Guest Appearances

    What characters do you think should make an appearance in KH2? I'd like to see characters from FF9 and Goofy's son Max.
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    KH2 Worlds

    What world do you want most to appear in KH2?
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    How do you think Kingdom Hearts will end?

    *read title, sorry if already posted*
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    Old worlds following movie storylines?

    Since it seems all the old worlds from Kingdom Hearts are returning, do you think they that some are going to follow their original movie storylines like Nightmare Before Christmas?For example, in Atlantica( if it does return, which I hope it doesn't), maybe Ariel discovers the human world and...
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    What are you...

    *read post*...looking most foward to in KH2? It can be either a new world, character, or finally getting some answers from which they left us guessing in the first Kingdom Hearts and CoM.
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    Hi y'all

    I've been going on Kh2.net for a long time and been only a guest in the forums so I decided the heck with it and join. I'm a HUGE Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fan and I think I'm really gonna enjoy it here and I'm looking foward to making many new friends who are obsessed with Kingdom Hearts...