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    How do you Final Form?

    I played and beat the game, but know I decided to re-play it. In my last file, I was trying to beat sephiroth and get all the Hades Paradox cups, and it was taking forever to lever up all my forms. Them one day, when I just moved down to the bottom of the drives without looking at it, BOOM...
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    Who could be a boss in KH2:FM?

    Now that I've been hearing that KH2: FM fill feature a FF boss harder that Sepheroth, how about we all vote for my personal ideas on who it could be? My guess would be Semour(Like, one of his different forms like Semour Flux or Semour Omnis) but that's my thought. What do any of you think?
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    Paradox Cup: How do you get them?

    I Just have a random question: I have beaten the Pain & Panic Paradox Cup, but no other Paradox cups have opened! How do I get to get all the rest?!?
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    Um... Hello.

    Hello, all. I am 2-Dark. And for those of you who don't know who I'm ripping off with my name, it is 2-D, the lead singer and keybordist to the hit virtual band, The Gorillaz. Anyways, I am a big fan of KH, KH:COM, and KHII, so get ready to be seeing me A WHOLE LOT in these forums. And this...