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    MySpace Sucks

    Tom, the creator of myspace, was hacked :)
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    Deven... Whats up?

    Deven... If I do remember... KH2.net ran on the best servers! Very long down time if you ask me... Great server though, right?! :)
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    Is E3 Tomorow?!?

    not smooth to place E3 on the week of Star Wars opening night
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    Altered Deep Dive video (my own)

    no... square always has to have dramatic endings with their previews :P
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    where is the one winged eagle

    LightoftheDark: I believe you can find it in Castle Oblivion... Ive gotten 3 from running around there so far... Im aware what the guide book says, but please explain how I got three from only staying in Castle Oblivion
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    new keyblades in kh2

    Theres really no say... Do a google search for "new keyblades" and see what you find... Theres a lot of designs out there, im sure Square has some ideas but hasnt released them yet...
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    where is the one winged eagle

    ah... I see... thats pretty stupid if you ask me
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    where is the one winged eagle

    just a question... Why is it that even when the question has been answered... people continue to answer it...
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    Kaiado Bhks Name In Japanese

    kaiado isnt a japanese word... You might be spelling it wrong
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    Questions about Hollow Bastion

    Re: Hollow Bastion! either way... Hollow Bastion has got to have a large part in Kingdom Hearts... Its in the first, its in CoM, and its going to be in KH2... So it has to have some conection with the heartless