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  1. J

    Gamers Easter

    Yet again I only own Dan Jon and Dave all others are fictional or real but in a fictional and are not owned by me. Dan: Well Easters in a few days Jon: I know but why...*zooms out and there on a plane* Why we haveto go to Easter Island? Sakura: Maybe nerd boy thinks that's were the Easter...
  2. J

    Tiborg Warriors: Zero wanted Dead or alive

    It's been 4 years since Zero moved away and two terrible wars were raged. Tiborg 2.0's were created by Mishuri's son Rimru in a chance to take over the two worlds. Unforutiantly for him another group joined the fight Mecha. The three way war only lasted one year with the distruction of the Mechs...
  3. J

    Ledgend of the four crystals Final Fantsey

    YEah I know what some Otaku's are thinking right now...OLD! Anywho I go my hands on a VHS of valume one and it's Very good. It's the sequel to FFV. The art work is good, animation very good. The story I loved and the english voices were not too bad. If you ever find a copy pick it up.
  4. J

    Gamers: The contest

    All characters aside from Dan, Jon, and Dave do not belong to me or are real people put in a fictional way. A three days ago Dan: Hey Sakura!" Sakura:*sighs* For the last time no! Dan: Nope not today I need a favor of you. Sakura: And that is...*Sakura said slightly annoyed* Dan: Can you give...
  5. J

    Braided hair

    Ok these are three girls I know of who have it. Now the quation is who do yuot hink is the cutest looking. Natsuki(Hyper Police) http://www.absoluteanime.com/rurouni_kenshin/_misao.jpg Misao(Ruruni Kenshin) Yuri(King of Fighters)
  6. J

    Proof that Hamtaro is evil

    This is undeniable truth that he should be stopped now http://youtube.com/watch?v=XMl5Agwh6mE&search=hamtaro
  7. J

    KOF maximum impact2

    I know the first one sucked but this one has promis. Here's the site http://www.snkplaymore.jp/official/kof-mi2/index.html
  8. J

    How do you think Bush is doing?

    Ok debat on how good or bad of a job he's doing. I don't like the job he's been doing 100% infact I hate almost all of his deciseions. One thing that really annoys me about him is he uses the bible and god to justify what he's doing but I have a bit of a news flash....not everyone belives in...
  9. J

    Gungrave and King of Fighters

    These are two very good and very rated games. Fans are welcome here to talk about what they think of these games and what they should do in later games
  10. J

    Video game spoofs

    Ok these are not for the young to warn you. Due to violance and language so don't say I didn't warn you. Oh this will also help you if your bord like me. Metal Gear Solid http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/297383 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/239227 Sonic...
  11. J

    Funny Resident Evil 4 video

    all the ways to die http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ2LuUM4jFM&search=Death
  12. J

    I'm scared sh*tless

    This guy I know has threatened my entire family and my life. I really am scared knowing what his past is. I don't know what to do. I'm so scared I have pair of sissors on me that are sharp enough to cut someone. Please I need some advice.
  13. J

    video game trivia

    ask a qustion after getting one correct. I'll go first Who was the first teenaged playable fighting game character?
  14. J

    video game trivia

    ask a qustion after getting one correct. I'll go first (easy one)In the game Gungrave what is the name of Grave's duel pistoles?
  15. J

    Gamers BIOs(more will come in time)

    Again I do not know these characters except for Dan Jon and Dave. Art work not mine Cats age:??? apperance: http://elrido.dssr.ch/img/cats.gif likes: Making bases belong to him apperetly dislikes: Zigs(or Zags thosde really piss him off) first apperance in series: ep3 of Gamers vs Jack...
  16. J

    Gamers Valintines day

    As perusal I only own Dan Jon and Dave. All other characters are based on fictonal or real people put in a parody. please review Dan: Argh! Jon: Dan you look pretty pissed to day. Dave: Did your memory card data get corrupt again because of some moronic thing you did. Dan: SHUT UP! No It's...
  17. J

    Spongebob is ending

    That's right the lost in time movie is the last episode. Then there going to show re-runs and slowly tapper off. And Frankly I'm happy has hell! I was waiting years for this garbage to end and finally it is!!!!
  18. J

    Random songs

    post your random assed songs here! http://www.gc-computers.net/mp3/Alvin%20&%20The%20Chipmunks%20-%20I'm%20Too%20Sexy.mp3
  19. J

    Tiborg Warriors

    In the not so distant futer, a mercent of death group called G.W.S.(Globle War Supplier) has started abducting people or as they call them"Doners" for a new line of of weapon caled Tiborgs. The process is were they put tiney little marks in the organs and then inject them with nano machines...
  20. J

    Under reated games

    This is a sectoin for you to talk about good games that were underated. Here's some of mine Raodrash series KOF(King of Fighters) Gungrave series(anime was based off of game that the creator of Trigun made but the anime messes the story up.