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  1. Odwen

    3 more day until DLC

    Who ready for DLC only thing i hate is they are forcing you to beat cirtil mode to get olbvion keyblade
  2. Odwen

    If you Die which KH Character would you want to be reborn into?

    Like i say i have personally of Sora so i will be reborn into Sora
  3. Odwen

    Who Remember kingdom hearts 1 was just game

    Who Remeber Kingdom hearts 1 was just a game and didn't think they will make another one all this back story. Now look at it we have entire history of kingdom hearts
  4. Odwen

    Happy Hoilday to all

    Happy Hoilday everyone
  5. Odwen

    What Character symble you in real life

    all my friend think i am Sora in real life due to the fact i have sora peronally
  6. Odwen

    What was your Favorite world in all kingdom hearts games

    I got my top 3 right here 1. Pirate world from KH2 and 3 2. Keyblade grave yard from birth by sleep 3. Mulan from Kh2
  7. Odwen

    Happy Pride Month

    Happy pride month everyone
  8. Odwen

    What to you all think about these keyblade for sell on store

    You know i brough that one keyblade off playstation store and i am like oh it just a skin because there nothing speical about them. What to you all think?
  9. Odwen

    What got you into the Kingdom hearts Games

    At first i didn't like Kingdom hearts. But my Ex GF got me into the game on ps2. Before she die she told me keep playing it. So I did when more kh games came out i keep playing and playing. Then i realize i love kingdom hearts now. and i Know she was watching me playing each of them.
  10. Odwen

    How to stay alive in Critical Mode

    Is it just me or is our hp lower on this new Critical mode? anyway to beat very first boss in awaking area just watch for his moves took me 5 time to beat it him. but if you tranfer all your keyblade over then when you get form unlock then you will be unstoppable.