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    i'm so autistic

    i lined up stonehenge single file
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    Birthday email?

    I received an email from 'MangaFox's Online Community', wishing happy birthday to 'cinochan'. Not only is it not my birthday (:\), but I don't have an account, on any site, with that name. I checked their member list, and I couldn't find an account with that name. I googled it, and all I could...
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    Uncle rapes, tortures, kills 12-year-old niece.

    'Because I felt like it.' Uncle gets life for horrific Tia murder | The Sun |News
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    Sucker Punch ('inception with babes')

    or 'alice in wonderland with guns'. XSIetIg7O3M&hd=1 Sucker Punch Character Posters Think this'll fall somewhat into the 'so bad it's good' category. :v
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    How would you feel if you learned that God did exist?

    This topic cropped up a while back, I think. Eh. So, yes. I am hereby ripping off Sol's 'if god didn't exist' thread (ilu). As it says; how would you feel?
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    Favourite Voices?

    idfk, just curious. What are some of your favourite voices? Could be anything - music, television, films, games, etc.
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    The 'Truman' Dilemma

    Just re-watched The Truman Show, and it occurred to me; what if, hypothetically, you discovered that the world - your world - was fake, and that every facet of your daily life had been choreographed? What would you do? Would you accept it, and carry on with your 'false' life, or would you make...
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    four twewy avvies <: (150x150)

    Dunno if anybody wants these.
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    choo choo

    yesterday, my mother bought me a train set i was very happy and i worked very hard i put all the pieces together they curved and swerved and rose and fell and made little bumps in the carpet where the plastic trees sat on pretty beige dirt, and all the little people fell over my train talked...
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    The Boat That Rocked

    Searched, couldn't find a thread. It's already on DVD in the UK, and has yet to play in the States; where it'll (supposedly) go under the name "Pirate Radio". Comes out some time in November. Pretty much the only reason I watched this film was Nick Frost, who some of you may/may not know from...
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    ~ : The Marluxia Fanclub : ~

    (Because gatdamnit even Lexaeus has one) ~: The Marluxia Fanclub :~ Marluxia (マールーシャ, Mārūsha) No. XI "The Graceful Assassin" (優雅なる凶刃, Yūga-naru Kyōjin, lit. Graceful Assassin's Blade) : Founder : Cinollex : Co-Owner : Roa : Members : The Future Strawberry Egypt Dead...
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    He's Not The Father

    Boy is Dad at 13 Baby-faced boy is father at 13 | The Sun |News Discuss.
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    Everto Sanctus

    Creative-writing project; rushed, untitled, but somehow, A+ worthy. Don't know if this is worth building off of, ie. another chapter. I supppose it'd depend on the reception. So, yes. Onward... A smirk crept effortlessly across Adrian’s face as he surveyed the final moments of his...
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    Organization XV: Days In The Life

    You read it correctly; Organization XV. This is a fanfic, based upon the RP created by supermariohat. Click HERE for a line-up of the cast. Note: You don't necessarily have to be familiar with said RP to understand/enjoy/flame this thread, but I'd recommend taking a look, if you're...
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    ~~*The Fabula Vir Fanclub*~~

    Get ready to edit your sig. As of... Welcome to ~~*The Darkened Wings Fanclub*~~ Now. XD All those who recognize the PWNsomeness of DW, sign up! Fanclub President: Cinollex. Members: Soraschaser555 Clone guyfromcrowd
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    Why Can't He Just Leave Me The Hell Alone?

    There's this boy at school. He's in my year, age 14, 15, and he's a fricken' NUISANCE. He throws stones at me. He calls me names like "retard" and various expletives. He's broken windows right beside wherever I happen to be sitting. He's pinched me with a pair pliers during a practical...
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    The It's a Wonderful World + Organization XV (RP) Fanclub

    ~The Organization XV Fanclub~ The Place Where Nothing Gathers Organization XV: Role-Plays Organization XV: The Beginning Organization XV: The Apprentices Fan Fictions Organization XV: The Beginning Organization XV: Days In The Life Organization XV Christmas Special Artwork...
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    I Don't Think I'll Ever Fit In...

    There's really nowhere else for me to turn to, so I might as well bite the bullet. I have autism, or more specifically, Asperger's Syndrome. I was diagnosed at age 9. Until then my relatives and teachers just assumed that was...odd. I'd never socialize with the other children, I'd never...