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    KH2 Best Boss Battle

    Well obviously this is for ppl who actually played. If you want to you can go based off what you've read or the website's strategy guide. Mine is sephy bcuz of the painful defeat the first time around and then the rejoice of victory the second. My heart had never been pounding so hard after he'd...
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    Do You think KH2 will be a Greatest Hits Game for PS2

    The reason I want KH2 to be a Greatest Hits Game for PS2 Most likely so IMHO cuz the imported version definitely meets the hype. I hope everyone else buys it so down the road I can get it again for $20 cuz there's no real point of getting the English version when it first comes out cuz I have...
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    Third Symbol

    by: Strider Sdc The bottom may or may not be accurate. All 3 of the symbols take a part from each other and somewhat look alike or it appears so. First off I don't agree with the theories that keybladers past or present are leaders of these symbols. My reasons are that Riku could be a leader...
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    Third Symbol

    First off I don't think that this new symbol has anything to do with keybearers or them leading a specific group. by Strider Sdc The bottom may or may not be accurate If you look the symbols appear to resemble each other somewhat. All the symbols seem to have a part or like a part of the 3...
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    Confusion Hasn't Ended

    At first i was all for it but then I started looking at it again and there's alot of things unanswered. There is no #0 in the order. That would throw XIII off. If there is no #0 also then the new disciple stuff doesn't make sense and that would make 15 members. Xehanort, Xenmas, Diz, and Roxas...
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    The Knights

    I stand corrected the two shorter knights are in fact girls this pic is proof of that. It's probably old but was not mentioned in my thread. http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/2299/secondknight6gk.jpg The guy holds his keyblade over his shoulder...
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    Spoiler-Video Relates to Grandmother's Story

    Okay it seems like everything is starting to spiral out of control. A new theory debate has been sparked whether this video takes place in the past or future. Before everyone disagrees about the past look back at the grandmother's story about the legend of the keyblade. You can make a case that...
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    SPOILERS- Titles Meanings

    ***Possible Spoilers*** It's not really ^^ but if it is I was thinking these titles have everything to do with each other. If you put it together in the order they appear it makes somewhat understandable. First the Master of Keyblade is refering to Memory of Xehanort. Keyblade War is talking...
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    Xehanort an unknown

    **Possible Spoiler** Something happened to my thread so I guess I'll just talk about this. At the end of the concept video of KH2 Knights are shown and the story looks as if it made a huge twist. Anyways there's a dark figure shown in the video more like a mirage anyways wielding to...
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    Should CL have a world like Stitch?

    There's a Hawaii world and there's was a debate about whether Stitch was just a summon or had his world but now we know he's both. So what about Chicken Little shouldn't he also have a world too?:eek: Think before you speak now because based off the recent events it "could happen"........
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    Theory about Passion

    I was just thinking about Passion and wondering if you thought about it doesn't it sound like its a story being told from Kairi's perspective. Remember back then, long back Our futures blared so brightly Yet under the great blue sky We were a little afraid A familiar tint shines through...
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    Worlds Yet To Be Revealed

    It's funny....no interesting that were back to where we started. Remember a few years back when all we could talk about was Deep Dive and Twilight Town. Yep, well now more or less they are the last worlds to be revealed in detail based off the interview with Normura. So now concept...
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    Reason For Returning Worlds

    I don't understand why we are playing these worlds overbut here's my theory why they are being brought back. I think alot of it has to do with poem "Walking this road, Without you, To remake forgotten promises and meet you at roads end. Faded Memories, Reconstucted Memories, A dream - a dream...
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    New Mulan World Pics

    Maybe one of these is a week old but has a translation.(biggest one) K2.co.uk Pics:
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    Genie still granting wishes?

    Alright remember back in KH when you were in Agrabah fighting the heartless for the very first time in front of the Cave of Wonders....Aladin calls Genie and tells him to "Get rid of these guys" not I wish to get rid of the heartless. Genie still counts it as a wish #1. Then when Sora & co...
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    Why is Sora holding the medallion?

    You would think Jack Sparrow would be holding it, but Sora is implemented somehow. It's not a new pic...not really anyways. I am assuming Sora's doing this as part of Jack's plan or something. He could've been forced to do it too....
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    Sora's Magnet Ability

    Yesterday when the site was down I was browsing through the site and stumbled upon this. Today I checked about 10 pgs ago and people talked about stuff it was involved with, but never really got into it. So I feel this is the best time to bring it up. Magnet Ability: "As we have seen in the...
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    If Kh2 came out for the PSP?

    Would you buy it?
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    Would you buy Kh2 on the PSP?

    Would you buy Kh2 for the PSP? Yes or No? I probably wouldn't but it would be cool if you could play it on an airplane or long drive on vacation.
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    Other party members may not be as effective as expected

    Okay...awhile back when the first demo actually came out and summaries of it started to be reported to the general public; one of the first things that came up was Sora and Auron being able to perform combination attacks with each other. A few weeks after that rumors of Minnie being in your...