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    Well... Hellllooooo

    I like spit shining penises.
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    The Ultima Keyblade Fanclub

    UK is so Wooatge. So I made this Fanclub so she would get the apreciation she deserves....., SO COME ONE COME ALL AND JOIN!
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    What would you think of me if I told you.......

    I feel so Betrayed now, telling you this may make you all hate me, all of you could hate me or you could choose not to belive me, but its all real, I ask for you advice and thats all, i dont have time for those who think im lieing, Trust me, I came here because I know some of you are my...
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    The Seven Gems of Chaos

    Skull Bane, a warrior from the past, He had almighty power which he only used for good. Good, and good only. He destroyed evil. For over a Millenia peace possesed in the world. He was a peaceful man and war was a forgetful thing. Right after people forgot about war and suffering. Skull bane...
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    The Minosauns

    Minosauns, a small Tribe in which Strenght is not everything. Wisdom and courage is also seen in light. So is speed, agility and stamina. The Minosauns live in the southern tropical island of Kurum. Its Town people live off animals in the jungle. Mostly boar, bear, lions and Fish. Every other...
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    Best song ever!

    Seriously, This song is an old classic. The video was not made by me, Its a lost video also. I hope you enjoy http://youtube.com/watch?v=puGTnpP_SX8&search=REM%20lost
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    Who wants a battle?

    This is my first try so im willing to fight against a other person. Ill need 3 Judges a opponent, Ill post my template after i know who im facing. Rules ~~~~~~~~ No godmodding or powerplaying. This is a Medieval battle but your allowed super powers. Good luck! Ive come prepared.
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    The Rebelion

    Warning! this notice must be read by all! To all residents of the town of Contoer, This notice is to warn thee that on the 11th of saquel, The royal guard of the empire will be inhabiting the Town and all resident must move out of the town, This is top secret mission but all guards are welcome...
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    Death on end

    It was dusk. Morning came to the continent of Basquel. It was quite. A beautiful sunrise came into view. It was a crimson colour. It shone strongly over a small town of Remmington. The town of peace and Joy. A holy town. The sea breeze came from the shore and blew gently against a childs face...
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    Final fantasy: Death No End

    It was dusk. Morning came to the continent of Basquel. It was quite. A beautiful sunrise came into view. It was a crimson colour. It shone strongly over a small town of Remmington. The town of peace and Joy. A holy town. The sea breeze came from the shore and blew gently against a childs face...
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    The Dark Excalibur

    Many years have passed since the age of Sorcerers. Many of them have become extinct after the huge war which almost claimed the life of mankind. But after the war so many of the dangerous weapons used to destroy life were left undestroyed. One of these weapons is the Dark Excalibur. A weapon so...
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    The Robot War

    The year is 2217. Manrages war against Bot. It was a consequence after the Gervais experiment in 2209. Many humans have been slaughtered. Leaving just a few in hiding. The human race is very scarce and is only active in some regions. But the robots have control. Its ruler is a man. A man named...
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    Trapped in the skys: 2267

    Ok you sci-fi freaks, this is Just like star trek. Being stuck in the skies with your crew. You departed from earth but got stuck in a black hole. You were then tossed into a different Galaxy, where space pirates fly the seas. Your desperate to make it back home. Date: March 13th 2267. Ship...
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    Video and Lyrics: Enjoy

    http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=LVI_shall_not_walk Best song ever.....heres the lyrics. I did not make the video somone on another site did. I posted it because its a truly excellent song. ----------------------------------- I shall not walk alone ------------------------------ Battered...
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    Keyblade master academy (Retry)

    Ok this is a highschool rp. A chosen few are keyblade masters. Well that was then ,NOW About 10000 people are keybearers. Many keybladers of light and many of darkness. Lots of people go to the keybearers school and learn the true esssence of a keybearer. But there is darkness within everyheart...
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    You are somone, now yell it to the forums!

    I am percymort! I like rping. may not be good but im danm proud of myself! I like music and i hate Rap. What you gonna do, words cant hurt me! Go on yell somthing to the forums. It makes ya feel a whole lot better.
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    Friends of mine

    when my legs no longer carry, i just reach for mother mary, and i shall not walk alone, you guide me, trough al my sorrows. Thank you darely. Break the chain the holds me down, we shall meet in our bounds and when im tired weary, and along way from home,i reach for mother mary, and i shall not...
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    The Orginization

    The orginization has been reborn. A strange man shrouded in Darkness and mystery is funding project X. Things are going great for a while, until theres a sell-out in the Orginization. There is a member who is giving out information. The strange man is telling everyone to be aware of the...
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    This may sound pathetic though........

    Hey there, big fan of Kh and cant wait till Kh2 comes out, Ive never played Kh2 so i wouldnt know the orginization's plots and goals, Im sorry if this is a N00bish question but i want the Info so if anyone could be of Help please explain to me.