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    Big ficht

    I want legends about me were they say:"The one who did a thousand polls" anyways back to the topic:d´ you guys think VAT defeat MX? if this was posted before sorry then close it... ...and all I want to hear are opinions
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    Just a question: can you fight Terra(ES) more than once?
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    which is better?

    Here´s another poll cause I like them so much: which is better KH1 , KH:(Re:)Com or KH2?
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    which is better?

    Here´s another poll cause I like them so much: which is better KH1 , KH:Re:Com or KH2?
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    my bbs theory

    This is going to take an amount of time ,but it´s worth it 1 the fight I think that Terra ,Ven and Aqua were told to chase MX by their Master. Finally they found him in sunset horizons.(secret ending of kh2fm) They fought him and won.His apprentice was defeated and the MX himself was...
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    Who´s the strongest?

    who´s the strongest/hardest data battle? I think it´s Demyx because of the 99 clones at the end what´s your opinion?
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    I´m new here

    hello boys and girls im new here just want to let you all now:mellow: