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    Breaking Point

    Ahh yes...this is another great band that has gone unpraised and ignored. All of there songs are great and throw something unique into there great mix in there albums. I started out hearing them in some anime, and decided to buy there CD, Rewind.....that CD was in my player contsantly....i loved...
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    Matchbook Romance

    Liking this band quite a bit, one of the more better emo bands out there right now. There new album is really good and i love there songs "My Eyes Burn", "Tiger Lilly" and "Promise".....if you havent checked them out and are into stuff like Fall Out Boy, then deffiantly give them a look see lol.
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    Yeps...need more help..

    Alright, this relates to my last question that i had a while back quite a bit. In my last problem my girlsfriend was stuck on her ex, and i was concerned on what to do since i'm a very jealous guy....well recently things have changed up a bit...we've had a deeper connection, yes, but i found out...
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    Sure, there a christian rcok band, but they are hella good. I dont like the fact that some of the vocals mix some rap, but it still sounds good, because unlike damn rap, theres actually meaning, emotion and the kickass guitar, bass and drums in the background lol. Anywhos checking to see whos...
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    Well, i midaswell and get info for a probelm of mine. Ive been going out with qa girl for nearly 3 weeks now, and we do have a 15 minutes driving distance between eachother, so it makes it hard to see her, but thats beside the point. We've done a lot of talking and ive noticed shes still stuck...
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    Not sure if a topic has been created for them or not..... For all the good 'ol rock fans out there...i love you all \//\\/ >_< Anyways who in here likes the band Crossfade, i havent seen them live yet but really want to. There songs are great and bring a little spice back into rock in my...
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    The 5th Pillar (PLZ JOIN >_<)

    ~ The 5th Pillar ~ \Storyline/ It is said when the land of Furtorne was first created was it given the gifts of the elements to govern and control. These elements were positioned in different climates and regions all over the land of Furtorne in the form of 4 pillars, each of witch holding a...
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    Fanfiction ► Embedded Scars

    I love the story....awesome detail to the little things, and some pretty good characters, especially Rose (shes a very nice asset and provides some humor for the story) Only thing i see up to this point, is you need to explain how Shiro and Rose look. I like having a blank image of them for a...
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    Kingdom Hearts awards

    poll really don't make since, i mean Sora obviously won overall in the game, but that doesnt actually make him the best fighter,just a strong spirit. as a fighter, i'd have to part with Seph, mostly because he is a man, and because of his amazing skill with his sword (sora just happened to be...
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    thx a lot, didnt think anyone wuld reply lol
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    just wondering, dunno if this hs been posted before. But we all know how Kairai was in castle oblivion ect. when she was a young girl (since it does show her in the library in that one sene)....i was just wondering if they were going to explain this further, and why she was there ect, and why...
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    Help With Axel Arghhh...

    thx a lot, i'll give it a whirl
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    Help With Axel Arghhh...

    I've been stuck on this battle for a while now, its the last time you fight axel, and i can't seem to beat him. Anyone got any good strategies on beating him, cause im getting pissed off lol
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    Took a Break

    Well...didnt actually take a break, just never got around to start posting again after the forums got squared away. Anyways i hope there still some people i know on here lol. Hope to get and know you all ^_^