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  1. Audo

    Fanfiction ► [KH] "tarte-a... whatever-it-was" | SoRiku V-Day OneShot (Mild KH3 Spoilers)

    Just a small little (very belated) fic for Valentine's. Sora wants to show off all the cooking skills he learned working with Little Chef for Riku, in the hopes of expressing something he can't find the words for, but things go awry. Mild KH3 spoilers (basically just the existence of Little Chef...
  2. Audo

    Fanfiction ► [KH] "How to Survive the End of Everything" | 0.2 Retelling, Complete.

    - how to survive the end of everything - DATE TEMPORA TITLE LINK 01/23 0 Zero Point [x] 01/24 I A Caelo Usque Ad Centrum [x] 01/25 II Mirum Videtur Quod Sit Factum Iam Diu [x] 01/26 III Obscuris Vera Involvens [x] 01/27 IV Magna Di Curant, Parva Neglegunt [x] 01/28 V Post Tenebras...
  3. Audo

    Fanfiction ► [KH] "Where the Pieces Lie" | KH3 Countdown, Complete (Happy Release Day~)

    - where the pieces lie - DATE TITLE FOCUS LINK 01/01 "The Past" Young Xehanort [x] 01/02 "Ut Sit Magna, Tamen Certe Lenta Ira Deorum Est" Yen Sid [x] 01/03 "Along the Waves" Aqua [x] 01/04 "Consider the Witch" Naminé [x] 01/05 "A Flower Grows In The Wasteland" Marluxia/Lauriam [x]...
  4. Audo

    ~@-!-{YEN SID HATE CLUB}-!-@~

    this scraggly ass bitch sits on his ass all day wearing the same outfit for decades while forcing literal children to carry the burden of averting the apocalypse caused by HIS old school friend. down with yen sid.
  5. Audo

    "Meet Me At the End" | First Attempt at Writing Fantasy!

    This is the other story that I wrote as a Christmas gift for someone. My friend at work has been very supportive of my writing and I asked her, if i were to ever write her something, what she'd be into. She said fantasy and stuff with like dragons, lol. Which is very much not my kind of thing...
  6. Audo

    Dreams of You

    A long while back I asked Goldpanner what she would like me to write about if I were to, hypothetically, write her a short story for her as a Christmas gift. She asked for a story about long distance relationships. And, four years later, I finally delivered! This is for you, GP! Merry Christmas...
  7. Audo

    what if the surprise ff cameo...

    is iconic ff character ariana grande from ff brave exvius?
  8. Audo

    is master xehanort a virgin? is he incel?

    everyone askin about if sora and kairi will mack in kh3 but this is the end of xehanort's saga and we gotta ask the hard question: has this 80 year old sack of bones smashed? what are ur thoughts
  9. Audo

    Fanfiction ► [KH] "Something You Feel" (POST-KH3)

    I wrote this for goldpanner! It's also, like, the first new thing I've written all year which is... yeah, haha. Took three full months, but I'm glad to finally have something new done. Please read it and let me know what you think! Set after KH3, Roxas questions his new life and just who he is...
  10. Audo

    Which Story delivery method would you prefer more?

    A lot has been made over how the game delivers story content, and I was wondering which would players prefer more? OPTION ONE: WEEK 1 - 25 Proud Quests WEEK 2 - 15 Story Quests WEEK 3 - N/A WEEK 4 - N/A OPTION TWO: WEEK 1 - 25 Proud Quests WEEK 2 - 5 Story Quests WEEK 3 - 5 Story Quests WEEK 4...
  11. Audo

    Five Games Meme

    Basically there is a meme going around where you list (and explain, if you'd like) the five games you'd share with a potential significant other for them to help get a feel of who you are. So i thought it would be fun to bring it to the forums and see what everyone's games would be and why (if...
  12. Audo

    KHUx except the Spice Girls are the new Union Leaders

    that's it. that's the whole thread. i just think it would be cute.
  13. Audo

    Fullbright - Gone Home & Tacoma (OUT NOW)

    This is a thread for games made by the studio Fullbright. Fullbright is an indie studio based in Portland created by former Bioshock alums (specifically the makers of Bioshock 2's Minerva's Den): Steve Gaynor, Karla Zimonja and Johnnemann Nordhagen (who has since formed his own studio). Other...
  14. Audo

    What Are Some Of The Changes You'd Make To Your Favourite Games?

    We all have our favourite games and the games that spoke to us the most, but no game is really perfect. What are some of the changes you'd make / what would you have done differently when it comes to some of your favourite games and why? How would these changes better the work? I'll start with...
  15. Audo

    Lost Sphear ('I Am Setsuna' Devs' New Game) -- Coming Early 2018

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkM8CZ-sdYo just announced. "The adventure of LOST SPHEAR begins in a remote town where a young boy, Kanata, awakens from a devastating dream to find his hometown disappearing. To stop the world from being lost forever, Kanata and his comrades set out to rebuild...
  16. Audo

    Your Last Five GOTYs

    What was everyone's personal GOTYs for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016? for me~ 2012: Mass Effect 3 / Dream Drop Distance 2013: Gone Home 2014: The Last of Us: Left Behind / Burial at Sea Episode Two 2015: Tales from the Borderlands 2016: Stardew Valley lol my memory is so foggy on what came...
  17. Audo

    [BIOSHOCK] Everyday Words

    - EVERYDAY WORDS - [RAPTURE] STORY TYPE TITLE LINK CHAPTER ONE "World Weary" [x] SIDE-STORY "The Longest Day" [x] CHAPTER TWO "Ramblin' Rose" [x] SIDE-STORY "Any Human Warmth" AO3 ONLY CHAPTER THREE "Dream A Little Dream of Me" TBA For as long as Leland Wells and Danny Lapointe...
  18. Audo

    Night in the Woods (WEIRD AUTUMN EDITION OUT NOW)

    AT THE END OF EVERYTHING • HOLD ON TO ANYTHING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u17kM8oSz3k College dropout Mae Borowski returns home to the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs seeking to resume her aimless former life and reconnect with the friends she left behind. But things...
  19. Audo

    Questions You'd Ask Nomura About the Series

    If you were given the opportunity to ask Nomura some questions about the series -- both story-wise, development wise, and so on. What would you ask him and why are you interested in those questions in particular? If we could refrain from joke questions or obvious plot ones (who are the XIII...
  20. Audo

    xehanort, in an image