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  1. Veritas7340

    Surprising Parallels to Dragon Ball Z's Story

    Dragon Ball Z parallels in parentheses: In KHI (Dragon Ball Z Seasons 1-3), everyone is led to believe there is only one Keyblade Wielder (Super Saiyan). Sora (Goku) becomes the Keyblade Wielder. Later, a new Keyblade Wielder named Mickey (Future Trunks) is revealed, who helps Sora (Goku)...
  2. Veritas7340

    Roxas and Namine's Relationship

    Is Roxas and Namine's relationship causally affected by Sora and Kairi's relationship? For instance, if Sora and Kairi started to dislike each other, would Roxas and Namine start to dislike each other? On one hand, Kingdom Hearts II does seem to imply this. Although Roxas and Namine had only...
  3. Veritas7340

    Sora's "Forgotten" Promise to Namine

    Blackdrazon's KHII Retrospective made me think about this. Roxas and Namine's conversation near the end of KHII seems oddly strong or even romantic. Well, we know Sora's memory of his promise to Namine became latent after Namine restored his original memories. Further, we know Roxas reunited...
  4. Veritas7340

    The Christian Symbolism in the Kingdom Hearts Series

    Kingdom Hearts contains Christian symbolism that surprisingly seems to be quite stronger than one would initially think: Kingdom Hearts I Sora sacrificed himself to save the hearts held captive by the keyblade of darkness, symbolizing how Jesus sacrificed himself to free our hearts held...
  5. Veritas7340

    The Game Punishes Strategic Playing

    I tend to be a strategic player, waiting for chances to counterattack opponents. I have beaten Kingdom Hearts games many times in the past. Recently, I beat Kingdom Hearts with zero deaths. On Kingdom Hearts II, however, I have died many times to Heartless... I have no idea why. Kingdom Hearts...
  6. Veritas7340

    Why is Hollow Bastion's Keyhole Special?

    The PoH unlocked Hollow Bastion's keyhole. Ansem was then able to use this keyhole to reach End of the World where the Artificial Kingdom Heart was. Why is Hollow Bastion's keyhole able to do this though? In BBS, neither Eraqus nor Xehanort treat Radiant Garden as anything special. How does it...
  7. Veritas7340

    Wonderland after Hollow Bastion

    Suppose you visit Wonderland only after you defeat Hollow Bastion. Alice and the other PoH said they have to stay at Hollow Bastion to hold back the darkness. Could Alice actually be in Wonderland then?
  8. Veritas7340

    Why is Xehnaort's Age No Longer a Problem?

    In BBS, Xehanort needed to steal Terra's body so he would not die of old age. In DDD, he returns as his old self as though that were not a problem at all. What am I missing here?
  9. Veritas7340

    Xaldin's Motivation in Beast's Castle

    Did they ever explain this? Sure, Goofy deduces Xaldin must want to recruit Beast's nobody for Organization XIII, but why... Xemnas has ordered every other member to force Sora to fight Heartless in other worlds. Conversely, it seems Xaldin unilaterally decided to torment Beast and Belle for...
  10. Veritas7340

    Is Marluxia More Powerful than Lexeaus?

    Although Nomura said the most powerful Organization XIII members are Xemnas, Xaldin, and Lexeaus, I think CoM may present something different. In Riku's story, Riku is amazed when he senses Marluxia's death. He states, "One of the scents has died, a really strong one." What do you think? In...
  11. Veritas7340

    Namine's Birth

    Why is Namine born when Kairi's heart leaves Sora's body, but she is not born when Kairi's heart leaves her own body? In both cases, her heart leaves a body. What makes the Sora case more special than the Kairi case? Is it the fact that they had to have Kairi's body for the KHI plot? Of course...
  12. Veritas7340

    KHIII Sephiroth

    If Sephiroth is in KHIII, I think it would be awesome if you could fight him with Cloud as a party member. After the fight, a cutscene would ensue wherein Cloud and Sephiroth end their one v. one duel. Sora would become separated from them somehow to ensure the end battle is one on one. What...
  13. Veritas7340

    What did The Phantom do?

    After the events of Hollow Bastion, Sora is essentially a walking heart more or less because Roxas is his body. When you defeat The Phantom, the journal states that this Heartless stole your heart during the battle. Since Sora at this point is just a heart, what happened here? I know this is...
  14. Veritas7340

    Why Not Use Roxas?

    DiZ wanted to use Sora to exact his revenge on Organization XIII. However, from an in-universe perspective, why didn't he consider using Roxas? Unlike Sora, Roxas seemed willing to destroy the Organization to avenge Xion. Furthermore, Roxas proved himself to be a capable fighter when he defeated...
  15. Veritas7340

    Why didn't Aqua have Water-based attacks?

    For Terra, some of his most powerful attacks were Earth-based. For Ventus, some of his most powerful attacks were Air-based. Why didn't Aqua have Water-based attacks? Her attacks are certainly powerful, but I wonder why they stopped the pattern with her.
  16. Veritas7340

    Kinds of Enemies

    Obviously, the Heartless will be an enemy in KHIII. Will there be other types though? Nobodies: We know that Xemnas will be one of the 13. Will he summon nobody minions? Unversed: Vanitas might be one of the 13. If he returns, will the Unversed fight again as well?
  17. Veritas7340

    The Dark Keyblade

    After Sora defeats Riku-Ansem, he sacrifices himself to free Kairi's heart via using the Dark Keyblade. When he does this, the Dark Keyblade is destroyed and releases all of the PoH's hearts. If Riku-Ansem had used the Dark Keyblade to release Kairi's heart, would it still have been destroyed...
  18. Veritas7340

    Makeshift KHII Critical Mode

    I don't have KHII Final Mix. Since the PS4 doesn't have backwards compatibility, I can't get it for a while it seems. To make up for this, I made my own "critical mode". Instead of visiting Agrabah and the Pride Lands for the first time, I skipped them entirely and went to Twilight Town...
  19. Veritas7340

    The Confrontation between Eraqus and Terra

    When Eraqus attempts to kill Ventus and becomes angry when Terra interferes, he is still able to wield light. On the other hand, when Terra tries to defend his friend from being executed, he is wielding darkness. Shouldn't Eraqus be wielding darkness too if he is acting out of anger? Perhaps I...
  20. Veritas7340

    What is the Exact Difference between Unversed and Heartless?

    BBS establishes that Unversed are spawned from negative feelings. Even more specifically, they all originate from Vanitas, who is the pure darkness of Ventus. Aqua tells Terra: "What else is darkness but hate and rage?" On one hand, hate and rage are negative feelings, so it would seem like...