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    All Boss DMs

    For Organization XIII: Xemnas (KH1FM): Encases himself in a dark sphere and moves, with laser beams oscillating randomly Xemnas (Final): Traps Sora and Riku in a dark sphere and starts shooting lasers at them (tap reaction command to deflect) Xigbar/Braig (KH2FM and KHBBSFM): Begin spinning...
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    Confusion with Sora being dumb

    Yes! It's exactly true! That's what made him entirely clueless on why the Organization had used him (till the climax of KH3D) as well as the true meaning of being a Keyblade Master (Riku totally deserved the title as he has renounced his dark past).:confused:
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    The 13th vessel for Master Xehanort

    I've been wondering ever since MX's Organization XIII failed to take Sora (thanks to Riku & co) at the end of 3D. So will he take anyone from any of the Disney worlds (I saw 2 candidates fit)? Or will he find another version of himself?:confused:
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    Psychotic Disorders in Organization XIII

    Honestly speaking in BBS hes only 12 but him in Re:COM and a flashback in KH2FM is a issue. His age is 22. I noticed he likes to keep a lot of things from others. During Marluxia's recruitment he would rather not be interested about anything else (Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Keyblade War, etc) except...
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    Psychotic Disorders in Organization XIII

    I feel Zexion has a serious case of avoidant personality disorder.
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    Armor of Eraqus-proud mode. Terra

    For me, completing everything in Critical is a better challenge than Proud. As for AOE, It is best to read his attack patterns, keep dodging and attack wisely (best with Ultimate Shotlock). As for No Heart (despite being the ultimate pain in the neck), I managed to kill him 2 times with Terra...
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    Music you'd like to hear rearranged for 0.2

    The dark version of the field music theme as mentioned should also have pieces of Night of the Dark Dream (rearrangement) and Destati while the new battle theme would have pieces of the rearranged Castle Escapade and the rearranged Night of Tragedy for a darker theme. P.S: Notice that the...
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    Psychotic Disorders in Organization XIII

    Anyone here knows what personality disorders each of the members faced? Because i'm curious to know due to the fact that Organization XIII is a dilemma within a dilemma (full of psychopaths). Feel free to suggest.:cool: Saix
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix Playthrough Journal

    STATUS REPORT: Player Character:Terra, Ventus, Aqua Difficulty level: Critical Current Level: 78, 78, 70 Moveset: Terra: Magnega, Ars Solum, Curaga, Mega Flare, Quake, Ultima Cannon, Demolition Ventus: Faith, Curaga, Magnega, Mega Flare, Ars Arcanum, Multivortex, Stratosphere...
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix Playthrough Journal

    As for Ventus tip #1: Ventus is really well-balanced. The finisher for the Rhythm Mixer Command Style works well on YX as long as you save it and keep spamming Thunder Surges until YX goes gung-ho invisible. As for tip #2: yes it is vital, but it is also useful for NO Heart. As for tip #3: It...
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    Good Battle Level to Fight Vanitas Lingering Sentiment

    Beaten all stories of TAV in Critical Mode. Aerial Slam works best as I-frames can be gained as long as dodged as perfectly timed. Equip a slot of Mega Potions and a slot of Hi Potions. The rest are Aerial Slam Terra: Level 55 Ventus: Level 60 Aqua: Level 60
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    Speed Leveling

    The most easiest level grinding is still Keepers of the Arena due to 6000-7000+ EXP gained (due to EXP walker and EXP Chance). In 3 hours, you'll gain 3 levels.
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    Level Grinding

    The best method is play Keepers of the Arena ( where you fight Iron Imprisoners 3 & 4). It is worth 7000 to 8000 EXP for the entire game.:cool::cool: