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  1. Chill

    Been here for 6 years

    Yeah, been a while I suppose. I registered when I was ten because I wanted to play RPG Inferno (or whatever it was called, can't remember), when the time came that I did actually register, the game was gone. Fun. So I got into the next best thing, which was roleplaying, and I had a damn blast...
  2. Chill

    Who wants an Infinite Crisis beta key?

    It's a DC MOBA, so yeah. I got my key today and it came with another key to give to a friend. So since I'm a lonely little turd I have a free key to give away, who wants it?
  3. Chill

    Medieval Battle ~Challenge to LightandDark~

    Well, you won the last battle and I don't really enjoy losing, so I'm challenging you again with a hope of beating you this time. Conditions are: We are limited to one melee weapon and one ranged weapon plus ammunition No, we are not wizards and cannot blast each other out of existence with a...
  4. Chill

    Random Idea Time with Bonechill the Human and Imagination the Dog

    Okay, hopefully that Adventure Time reference got at least one bit of attention. Well anyway, recently I've been having random ideas of roleplays that would require us to make characters based on our real-life selves. Idea number one: Some sort of Hunger Games Roleplay where all the...
  5. Chill

    War of the New Gods: War of The Myst

    War of the New Gods War of The Myst The story starts with one hero, a God, known as The One. The One was the mightiest being in the universe and was the hero of the Great War. During the Great War he fought a being known as The Myst, who eventually wounded The One so badly that he eventually...
  6. Chill

    Been here for two years now

    Well, I've been here for two years. Thank you all for the fun and the entertainment, a lot for the news on KH and other video games, and mostly for the roleplaying I did. Because, honestly, roleplaying here has incredibly increased my skills of writing. So thanks, and I'll return to the shadows...
  7. Chill

    Diablo III

    Well, I couldn't find a thread of this so I suppose I should make one. Well you all know what this game is. It's the newest game of the Diablo series, as well as one of the most recent Blizzard games other than the new World of Warcraft game. We should expect an expansion in a couple of...
  8. Chill

    Twilight Versus The Cold ~Challenge to LightandDark~

    I had a good idea for this challenge, Light, so get ready for a very over-powered battle. So, we won't be needing templates, we will just explain our appearances in our first few posts. The environment will be forever changing, switching between Darkness, Light and The Cold (aka Ice). We...
  9. Chill

    Kingdom Hearts: The Dark War

    Kingdom Hearts: The Dark War Epilogue Alex turned a corner with his Keyblade in his hand. His moving legs looked like a blur as he ran, so obviously whatever spell Daniel had cast on him earlier was still working. He heard a scream that had to be Lucy's, one of his closest friends, followed by...
  10. Chill

    The COOL Club "Where not giving a damm is so cool"

    The COOL Club Welcome to the cool club, where trying hard makes you a nerd. ~COOL PEOPLE~ Bonechill~Cool Crusader Mirby~Frigid Fire ~CURRENT TOPIC: BEING COOL~ Remember to make a COOL name for yourself Be COOL and prosper.
  11. Chill

    Planning to make a War RP, (Kind of like Resident Evil but meh)

    Well, it will be between two factions, the United Nations Special Task Force (UNSTF) and a group of basic Soldiers from any country that can either be in training or already battle hardened. The whole army won't be there, just a few soldiers since I doubt several hundred roleplayers will join...
  12. Chill


    Fucking screwed.
  13. Chill

    Challenge to LightandDark

    A large white marble room, many kilometers in length and width. Gravity randomly shifts through the battle, but does not effect both characters, more like it effects the gravity of one person, and not the area. If you know what I mean. Any character is allowed, as long as they are of human shape...
  14. Chill

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaack

    I return from a not-very-long-but-still-measurable hiatus. Nobody probably missed me, but I have returned.
  15. Chill

    A Minecraft RP?

    Would anyone be interested in a Minecraft Roleplay? It'd involve the actual universe being Minecraft. Humans wouldn't be cubic-shaped, neither would the mobs. But the actual blocks and weapons would be. I haven't really thought about much of this, since I decided to see if there was interest...
  16. Chill

    Still can't make much...

    Yeah. My skills aren't much better, but I decided to make something with Neku in it and this came out. Constructive criticism is accpted :3
  17. Chill

    Request I owe

    Yeah, I kind of can't resist blue, Light, but here ye go. It's a bit big, and I think I could have done better, but I'm still learning.
  18. Chill

    Dream Drop Distance appears in the Nintendo Magazine of Australia!

    [I] Straight from the pages of the Official Nintendo Magazine of Australia and New Zealand, if this has already been posted close or delete this thread. Good old Nintendo Magazine, telling me what I already know.
  19. Chill

    Transmutation is the key -Challenge to Lunarmaster-

    Well, using the laws of Fullmetal Alchemist's Alchemy, I challenge you to a battle! Arena: A large city that can be our playground, tall buildings and the like are scattered everywhere. You cannnot leave the city, but you may run around every last bit of it. I will post my template after...
  20. Chill

    Readers and Writers

    Readers and Writers -Chapter I- Today was the day that the members of the Runic Company would all meet eachother for the first time. Of course the Reader and Writer partners would know eachother, but noone else knew eachother. Vincent preferred it that way, it was always good to meet new...