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    Hidden Thoughts, Forgotten Memories

    Hey there everyone! So, I've been working on this for a loooong time (two years and counting!), though the looooong probably comes in with my ADD tendecies... anyways. This is my own idea, and I started this before Days and BBS came out, leading to quite a few innacurate facts... I changed some...
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    Dead By Sunrise

    have any of you people out there heard of Dead by Sunrise? i was wondering if anyone else shares that intrest with me... just wanted to know, because to me they are the awesomest band ever (imo lol). EDIT: HNG. don't make a thread about two bands. I know in this case, they're related, but...
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    Lit ► The Mortal Instruments

    gosh people! im suprised nobody started a thread for this yet! or if someone did... sorry i missed it. anyways, i think this is an awesome series. it kept me intrested all the way through. im still pissed at Valentine though... if anyone here has read these boooks, plz, share ur thoughts...
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    Character Names

    ok, dont kill me for this. ok, so i was wondering i fthe names for each character has a significance ohte rthan showing relationships to otehr characters. like, do the names show somethign about their personaltites? or is it nothing more than just names???? please dont kill me for this...
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    My theory on Xion's keyblade

    ok, look. i have ABSOLUTELY no idea if there is another post exactly like this, and i have no time to look right now. so here's my random theory on Xion's keyblade So, what if the KK, which she is shown weilding, is not actually her keyblade, but actually a disguise of her real keyblade...
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    Re:CoM game guide????

    Re:CoM game guide???? does anyone know if theres really gonna be a game guide for Re:CoM? cuz at first they wer gonna release one, and i got all excited. then i went to gamestop on the day it was supposed to some in and one of the workers tell me "it got cancelled." i wanted to scream...