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  1. UnlockedMemories

    By looking at some of the gameplay videos of Re: Coded...

    Oh, I know the reasoning behind it of course. Doesn't mean it's visually appealing! :P
  2. UnlockedMemories

    The Keyblade: Sharp or Blunt?

    I've always wondered this. By appearance, most keyblades are seemingly blunt weapons. However, judging by 'Blade' in their name, and how they're able to cut things, I've always assumed that they were somehow sharp. I just assumed it was magic, or something. Some are more obvious, such as Two...
  3. UnlockedMemories

    By looking at some of the gameplay videos of Re: Coded...

    Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about that. The players were probably just playing in Beginner mode or something. Also, I do agree with you on the Days thing. They really did look so stiff and mannequin like. What I meant by stylized cut scenes, was mostly the KHII or BBS ones, where at least their...
  4. UnlockedMemories

    By looking at some of the gameplay videos of Re: Coded...

    The abilities you can use seem disgustingly overpowered. Not to mention the abundant amount of Munny and Health Orbs dropped from enemies. I won't lie to you though, when saying that the game does look like it'll be a lot of fun. The only thing I'm against is the 2D discussion cut scenes. I...
  5. UnlockedMemories

    The Silent Hero?

    Oh, my bad. >> I just remember Nymphs being short. xD Anyway, YOU GET THE POINT.
  6. UnlockedMemories

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: Level Grinding Spots

    Word has it that these aren't in Final Mix.
  7. UnlockedMemories

    The Silent Hero?

    Holy unnecessary attitude Batman. It's not over analyzing. When all the other Organization XIII members have titles that make sense and describe them, The Silent Hero kind of stands out. Whirlwind Lancer - Shows Xaldin's use of the Wind Element and how he wields lances. Chilly Academic - Shows...
  8. UnlockedMemories

    Final Mixes

    This one: http://www.stanford.edu/~darthur/kh2.pdf
  9. UnlockedMemories

    The Silent Hero?

    This title is the only one I can't think of a reason why he's named that. Lexaeus doesn't really do anything heroic in the series. Even in Birth By Sleep, it doesn't show anything that happened in the past that could have appointed this name. Any ideas?
  10. UnlockedMemories

    Final Mixes

    I bought Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ about a week ago. I don't know any Japanese. And, let me say that I'm really enjoying the experience so far. It's a lot of fun. The only minor frustrations I'm having is when I need to set Sora's skills, and synthesizing. Obviously it's in Japanese, so I...
  11. UnlockedMemories

    Best Abilties for Ven?

    That guide is okay, but I prefer Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - PSP/Meld Commands. - WikiCheats I enjoy charts, and it's just overall more organized and readable.
  12. UnlockedMemories

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: Level Grinding Spots

    Thanks you two. :) Also, do you guys have a synthesis guide of some sort? I'm afraid leveling the synthesis level to get Ultimate Weapon will be hard without one, since I never did it before. Also, I don't know Japanese still. :P
  13. UnlockedMemories

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: Level Grinding Spots

    Hey, I just ordered KH2: FM, and naturally, I'm really excited. When I play this one, I plan on getting to level 99, so I was wondering if you guys had any leveling spots/methods that you could share. Also, are some parts of the game difficult to understand due to the Japanese? The only part I...
  14. UnlockedMemories

    I hear you like cute puppies-

    I thought I would show you my wares. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kIJqXLMLwc&feature=player_embedded#!
  15. UnlockedMemories

    KH 10th Anniversary Celebration?

    2012 is Kingdom Hearts' 10th anniversary, and Nomura says he wants to do something to celebrate. In my opinion, I think he'll be remastering the games. Whether it be the Final Mixes, or the originals. Releasing KH1 and KH2 Final Mixes on the Ps3 with updated Graphics, and possibly even MORE...
  16. UnlockedMemories

    Kingdom Hearts: Coded question-

    With all the hype of the newest Kingdom Hearts remake, there's screen shots all over the place. While looking at some, I noticed that Sora's in his KH1 outfit, and Donald and Goofy are in their BBS/Pre KH1 outfits. But, KH:Coded is supposed to be set after KH2 in the timeline. Is this...
  17. UnlockedMemories

    Why aren't the Final Mixes released in America? Is there a reason?

    I mean, with KH being a very popular series in the US as well, along with Disney being an American company, one would think that the Final Mixes would be released in America with a good success. But, none of them made it over. Is there a reason?
  18. UnlockedMemories

    Which fighting style do you like the most out of the heroes?

    And I mean out of Sora, Ventus, Aqua, Terra, and perhaps CoM Riku. Which do you think has the coolest moves and style in their attacks? Personally, I think Sora looks awesome. He's my personal favorite, and he sure is fun to fight as. Looks wise: Sora > Terra > Ventus > Aqua Playstyle wise...
  19. UnlockedMemories

    Is there a way I can play KH2 Final Mix?

    I have a Ps2, but I hear that they're not region free. I'm getting a Ps3, but I heard that they're not backward compatible. So, is there a way I can play this game? I assume it's owning a Japanese Ps2, but do I have any other options?
  20. UnlockedMemories

    When Roxas Meets Sora

    The sadness is part of the beauty of it all.