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    Lacking New Worlds

    Days Later and Coded are the only KH games that don't introduce new worlds. I mean, even Chain of Memories had 2 new ones!
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    I'm not here to judge. I'm just wondering if Polytheism exists much anymore in first world countries.
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    Kirk Cameron...

    I was just wondering what he was doing in the Discussion section...
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    Chain of Memories Was the Best Game

    I'm mainly speaking story-wise. The card system is hard at first, but after that it's fun. Anyway, I strongly believe that Chain of Memories had the best story and script out KHI and KHII. In the KHI and KHII the whole focus is finding your friend or friends. Same with Chain of Memories, but...
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    Church Fail

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    Setting up Motion Capture?

    (Not sure where to put this, sorry) God I really want to create super high quality CG animations but I don't have any good tools. And I thought if I'm going to spend a lot of money on a program like Blender or Maya or Cinema4D then I should try to research how much it costs to do Motion Capture...
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    Original Music and Video

    YouTube - Revenant Yeah it's a song I wrote and synthed so I made a sketchup animation to it. The animation is not the best, didn't try extremely hard, but I'm at least proud of the music composition.
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    Yeah hello peoples. New guy here. I'm honestly interesting if you guys get to know me, but quite frankly, most of you guys seem a little mean on here. I'm very familiar with the Kingdom Hearts forum genre though so don't you dare call me a noob. I compose a lot of music and I will be posting...
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    Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 3D Picture

    Haha. It's fan art. I used Sketchup for the objects and Podium for lighting. Any criticism?
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    The Cutscene Graphics in 358/2 Days Later...

    I've seen from a few screen shots that the game play looks a little blocky. But that makes sense because it's a small screen and there are fewer pixels. But then we've also seen high quality screens for Days Later that are from cutscenes from that game and those looked pixel perfect. Just like...
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    Should someone translate Coded?

    Yeah, if someone who has a Japanese phone and Coded could translate the episodes, that'd be cool. Maybe the Staff can work on finding someone.