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  1. AzuraJae

    What is your ideal KH3 Final Battle / Ending?

    Possible Spoilers Ahead! Do take Caution! What is everyone's ideal final battle and/or ending? Like how would you prefer the final battle be conducted and how the series would tie up? An open-ended ending? A bitter-sweet ending? Your typical happily ever after ending? I have my own personal...
  2. AzuraJae

    Is there a way to play together?

    Hey, I've just started playing Chi recently (and boy was it frustrating trying to get down the basics, but I got it down the controls and stuff pretty well now; I even have my own special way to get the story done without anyone having to translate it for me or to look it up online) and I...
  3. AzuraJae

    KH Theory: Why is Sora so "Childish"?

    I've come up with this theory and I've been itching to share it. I decided to put it up here on KHInsider because the social websites I put it up in don't have a lot of KH fans to discuss it with (I also put it up on KH13 because there's different people and different ideas) Also this is my...