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    Can someone fill me in??

    Hey i havent been on in awhile so i missed out alot of stuff(you guys can close this after you read this) but on the 358 Days website it says the release date is 5-30-2009. Is that for Japan or for everyone?? and remember you guys can close this after a simple answer cuz i was absent
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    K sorry last one

    So. I thought the Keyblades power came from the keychain of the keyblade? When u fight Terra, his blade has alot of powers but where does the power come from? from within the blade? Correct me if i'm wrong. Sorry if i dont know alot.
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    Keyblade MASTERS?

    In BBS, werent VAT keyblade apprentices? Now, Sora. Is he a master or an apprentice? AND sorry this is in the wrong section but when u fight Terra in KH2 FM+, do u think he became a master bcuz of his new skills, power and health?
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    Enigmatic Soldier: and is it worth...

    how is that you fight him when BBS was 10 years b4 KH? And do u think it's worth playing KH2 FM+ even it's in japanese?
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    just wondering

    I was just wondering if they have any pictures of the Org. in their true form like their normal self not when there are nobodys. sorry if this is in the wrong section and yea i was just thinking about it. or maybe in the future like in KH3 after one of the characters dies, i hope they will show...
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    KH2 Secret Ending

    How is it that VAT finds Sora's KK, Riku's blade and KM's darkside when BBS is 10 years back in the past? It just puzzled me a bit and i was thinking if it had meaning when Terra grabbed KK, Aqua - Darkside, and Ven - Riku's blade but i doubt it.
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    How do/ Is there

    Is there an Ultima Keyblad card for this game cuz i believe there is one in the GB version? and if there is one where and how do i get one? *sorry i'm a nub*
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    Cavern Of Remembrance and...

    What is it? And why is aqua's armor and keyblade in the room of sleep? sorry i dont have final mix :(
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    Room of Sleep?

    Can anyone explain what the room of sleep is to me? SORRY dont flame me i dont have final mix and can u also show me good videos of room of sleep? cuz i'm confused about that
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    End of KH and beginning of KH2 and other stuff

    Where did sora go when him and kairi got seperated after you beat ansem's heartless and how did SDG get in those pods? And Roxas left the org bcuz he saw the wrong doing of the org? and how would he not like what the org was doing to others i mean he doesnt have emotion right?
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    Who thinks...

    Re:Com is a game to get or a game to skip? cuz i have the Gameboy version and the graphics were ok but i wanna see if i should get it. And if u want put some Pros and Cons about this game so me and other ppl can see if it is a good one :P Pros- Cons-
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    Does anyone.....

    Know the release dates for BBS and 358/2? And is there any news about a PS3 game for KH? And i'm confused about Xehanhort or MX? Sorry i've been on a break for KH for a while cuz it's been awhile since they made KH2. But yea i'm getting back into it. BTW who else thinks "Scythe of Petals" is a...
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    Organization XIII

    Does anybody know all the names of the organization and their powers?
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    Confused alot!

    Hey does anyone know what 358/2 stands for? any ideas? And i'm confused about the whole scenario about Ven, Terra, and Aqua. i NEED Final mix HAHA i'm confused YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Tokyo Game Show 2008 SUBTITLED <----- 358/ 2 days ENGLISH SUBS
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    Last battle with Riku?

    :E I LOVE this battle even though it may seem hard but if u play it enough you'll just memorize his moves like i did. I came up with my own strategy, with no help from GameFaqs or CHeat CC or whatever. So here are sum tips. 1. Dont really use Keyblade - Metal Chocobo cuz ur MP isne that good...