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    Why do people keep saying KH2 is better than KH3?

    I'm not sure if someone brought it up or not. What about KH2 is better? In my opinion, and I may be the only one, but I thought KH3 was better than KH2, especially before final mix. First of all, while the story was convoluted because of past games, at least there was a story and I always...
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    Birth By Sleep 0.2: Some items were unavailable during battle?!

    I've been looking around through all the walkthroughs and no one has addressed this, so I'm wondering if it's a glitch. While I was fighting dark tower II, the Dark Tower that comes up after Darkside, suddenly I couldn't use mega-potions, Hi-potions, or ethers! The only one I could use was...
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    How to chat in KHX???

    I'm not sure how to chat in KhX. I just started yesterday. I see people openly chatting at the main place, Daybreak Town I think it is? I was told someone has to be in your party, but I see random people saying hello to me that are not in my party. How it is that I see their talk bubble? And...
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    Sanctuary may get an official release after all...

    I have the Utada CD digitally and it is FANTASTIC!!! My favorite song is FYI-Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence but I also like Dirty Desire, oddly Poppin, and Me Muero. It's a pretty good album with old 90s R&B and pop-urban. Like TLC or something. She's pretty good this time! As awkward as the two...
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    Who saw the 358/2 Jap Site????

    Did anyone see the new site that came up in Japan's Square-enix site? I just found it several days ago and apparently, it lets us know when Japan's getting their game. It's coming October 30 in Japan. Let me know if you already know this......I think it looks cool so far. And if you keep coming...