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  1. Doxyc XV

    Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary (What SHOULD Happen)

    So here's a thought. Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary is coming in 2012. So what if they release a KH Collection for PS3 Containing KH BBS,KH1,KH RE:COM,and KH2. There could also be a bonus disc containing all the cutscenes from Days and RE:Coded All games would have HD graphics, and KH BBS,KH1...
  2. Doxyc XV

    Tales Of The Eliminator

    So it's obvious that by now almost everyone who's played this game since it released has run across this demon of the damned (only made easier by Oathkeeper) So let's hear your tales on how the Eliminator screwed you over. The worst screw over I got was in the OC System Sector. I was on the...
  3. Doxyc XV

    The Venomous Infector Is Here

    Ok so let me tell you a bit about myself. My real name is Cody, and if you haven't figured it out my username is just my name rearranged with an X in between. Anyways I first heard about Kingdom Hearts when it was first released. I wanted to play it so bad but didn't have a PS2. Then in 2004 I...