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    New KH merch

    Hot Topic has updated their site with some new KH shirts for both Men and Women. In true HT merch, the shirts are a bit pricey. Apparel | New And in case you missed some here's the link for more Hot Topic Search - Search Results for kingdom hearts
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    More Hot Topic merch

    I don't know if anyone noticed or if this is in the wrong section but I found new KH merch in the Hot Topic site. Heartless shirt Apparel | New KH2 hoodie Apparel | New Filigree Apparel | New
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    Well, we know Roxas was able to duel wield because of Xion right? Well, what happens when Sora absorbs Roxas, does he get to wield 3? I mean, he got his duel wielding from Roxas who got it from Xion. So, my question is, Does Sora get 3 blades? And another thing, if Sora DOES absorb Roxas'...
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    Novus Ventus Films

    Hello! I am a member of a Machinima group called Novus Ventus Films, I have been on these forums for quite awhile and I thought I would show some of the films I have been involved in. Please check them out! Here are a couple of comedies we have done! When Games Collide: YouTube - [NVF] "When...
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    Keyblade war

    This is my second RP (first one didn't catch on). Anyway, this RP takes place during the keyblade war. Master Xehanort's rebeling against Ansem the wise, and people are beggining to fight with each other. A civil war begins as people begin to chose sides. MX's army grows by the second as a small...
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    Forum help

    I just made a forum and I was wondering how to get some good layouts like in here. If your intrestid , please reply
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    Deep Dive Roxas

    I'm sure many of you noticed,but since just now I realised this I will post it. In Deep Dive,when Roxas throws the oblivion,he gets the kingdom key in its place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RhdOIE_ILc stop the video between 2:02 and 2:04 to see it. P.S.PLease dont flame if this is old
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    PS3 discussion

    Well today is the launch of the PS3 and I wanted to see peopels responses and please dont start saying things about the Wii or Xbox360 being better thatn the PS3.So discuss.
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    The REAL post ripper

    Well earlier this mont Shadukai_Xjoura accused me of post ripping here http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=69480 then yesterday I got this message from a certain member so then I send Shadu a message asking if this was true,and this as his response now im not mad since well I also...
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    Need Help

    I was wondering if anybody knew where to get the nobody shield for Goofy.My friend has it but he dosn't remember where he got it -_- so can any body help me?
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    The official "DanceWaterDance" fan club

    Since DWD has been good to many of us,I thought we should have a fan club to thank her,and wish her the best in this time.if anybody wants to wish her the best while she's sick or any thing else post it here. :)
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    Horror House

    The plot line is tabout a few middle school students who get randomly chosen(for a reality show named "Horor House") to stay in an old giant mansion in wich there was a massacre in the1700's, by a mad man named Christopher after he was accused of murder in the southern states.In a rage he...
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    KH Fm and Com response from square!

    Thank you for contacting Square Enix Customer Support, We hope this letter answers your questions. Our parent company, SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. of Japan, has no current plans to re-release Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix in North America or Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the PS2 at this...
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    Deep Dive

    Ummm..... any one notice that in deep dive the words "Whos Nobody Are You?".If this is old please dont flame me cause this is new to me.
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    I know many of you dont care but I just got the fenrir and the ultima wepon today!!!!!!!!!!!!!so id like to thank the people that helped me on this website so.....THANKS:D
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    ive been trying to get the ultima wepon but i nead more orichulcam+(something like that) but i only have 5.Can someone pleas HELP!?!?!?!?! EDIT: nevermind i got everything i nead now sorry:)
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    Need Help!!!!!!!!!

    i need help to fifnish synthesising the ultima wepon but i need 13 oriclum+ and i only have 4 and i also need the serenty crystal wich i also only have 4.can anyone please tell me whwere to get more oriclum+? i would really appreaceat it
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    KH2 secret ending (i found it)SPIOLERS

    i found the KH secret ending here http://www.youtube.com/w/Kingdom-Hearts-2-Secret-Ending?v=SOWX_rOoKKA&search=kingdom%20hearts%20secret%20ending