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  1. *Destiny_Seeker*

    I wonder....

    Does anyone on here still remember me from way back when? I'm trying to get back into this forum - especially in the RP section - so I'm just curious to know if anyone still knows who I am. lol
  2. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Oh my...Seems everyone's changed....

    Wow....It's been sooo long since I've been on KHI. I quit awhile back to focus on getting a life, and I guess I forgot to come back. Haha!! But I'm back now, and it seems that everyone has changed their names. Now I don't know who any of you are! D= Anyway, if any of you old members remember...
  3. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Custom Title Problem

    Hello. When I was on here way back when, I was able to change my rank to whatever I wanted, since I had over 1,000 posts. But now that I have come back after a long absence, I can't seem to find the special little box that lets me edit my rank. I checked every page of the User CP and I have yet...
  4. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Oh joy.

    After an extremely LONG absence from the forums, I've decided to return, mostly out of boredom. I've grown tired of Gaia, and my desire to get back into Kingdom Hearts (and everything associated with it) has pushed me back to these forums. So! I just thought I'd post my return, for fun. See...
  5. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Battle of the Hotties

    Alright, now for those of you who know me, I don't do this normally. Several people have been bugging me to put this contest up, so here goes nothing! Don't flame me if you don't like it. Just shut your face and vote. XD Rules 1. You can only choose ONE person for your vote. 2. You can only...
  6. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Battle of the Hotties

    Alright, now for those of you who know me, I don't do this normally. Several people have been bugging me to put this contest up, so here goes nothing! Don't flame me if you don't like it. Just shut your face and vote. XD Rules 1. You can only choose ONE person for your vote. 2. You can only...
  7. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Goodbye All!

    I know that everyone who's anyone doesn't care that I'm leaving, so I will just make this farewell thread straight forward and, well, mean basically. First off, I know all the great and legendary RPers hate me, so I am leaving, just to make this forum less "n00bish" for you without having me...
  8. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Grownup Christmas List (Romance)

    Christmas. Three words come to mind when this word is said. Life, happiness, and more importantly, love. People all around the world celebrate this holiday with which family and warmth are abundant in this season. But for some people, Christmas is not so easily celebrated. The people who have...
  9. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Silent Night (a *DS*/Lone production)

    December 24th, 1955 - 50 years earlier It was a dark and stormy night, the frosty snow of December falling down onto the house as the wind blew. The snow began to build up and there was a teenage girl of about fourteen years of age sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a book to...
  10. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Boarding House *Remake*

    ((I had a blast in the old BH threads, so this one shall be a remake of the awesome old ones!)) In this Role Play, we all live in a HUGE house with no parents. We are all orphans and we all just have fun in this house! Anything can happen, so please feel free to be mystical and make your own...
  11. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Chainletter (Horror RP)

    Chainletter (Horror RP) To : loverboy140@ email.com; ashleygirly@ email.com; khfan_2006@ email.com; smallville_fan_hannah@ email.com From : crazychick_anna@ email.com Subject : Curse Chainletter ONCE YOU OPEN THIS, YOU MUST PASS IT ON! There was once a girl named Connie who lived in a...
  12. *Destiny_Seeker*

    KeyBladers Return : Revenge of the Darkness

    Ok everyone! I am finally making the sequel to my last thread, The KeyBladers. Here is where the old crew is right now before they are reunited. Jen (or the new character) : Hollow Bastion Steve : His old hometown (name unknown) Jayx : At her island (name unknown) Roy : Jayx's island Ken ...
  13. *Destiny_Seeker*

    The KeyBladers

    (this is only the second RP i've ever done, so don't get mad at me ok? the first one didn't take off. before you even post, READ THE RULES! have fun!) WE STILL COULD USE MORE MEMBERS, SO ANYONE CAN JOIN!! This story starts 20 years after the sealing of the KeyHole and of Sora's destiny being...
  14. *Destiny_Seeker*

    The World of the Unknown : The Adventure

    This thread is about a world that has a lot of adventure in it and that also has a lot of danger in it. The story starts with people living in a big giant castle and they are all roommates who try and figure out who is who and what their next mission to the Unknown world will be about. So I...
  15. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Why was Sora picked as the KeyBlade master?

    I've always had this question in my mind because if Sora was just a regular kid on an island, then why would the KeyBlade choose him? Was it so that he could save his friends or was it his destiny but he just didn't know it? What do you think about that?
  16. *Destiny_Seeker*


    umm.......yeah hi........i know that this may sound a bit stupid, but what is Deep Dive? i'm not that recent on KH news. i just like the game and whatnot. i mean, i love KH and stuff, but the news doesn't really interest me at all, so......yeah......please answer my question. :-)
  17. *Destiny_Seeker*

    KH 2 worlds

    VOID how many worlds are going to be in KH 2? will it be the same amount as KH 1? i think that it will have most of the same worlds, but there will also be a lot more new ones, so there's probably more worlds in KH 2. i'm not sure though, so that's why i'm asking the forum.
  18. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Woo Hoo!

    Is anyone excited about KH 2 coming out? I AM! It is going to be soooo awesome when it comes out!
  19. *Destiny_Seeker*

    Kingdom Hearts 2 question

    Hi. I was just wondering if we could play the King's Castle (where Donald and Goofy came from ) in KH 2. That would be really cool if you could.
  20. *Destiny_Seeker*

    I think I know when KH2 is coming out.

    I heard from a friend online that KH2 is coming out on September 14th, 2005. I'm not sure if that is true, but I just wanted to share that info with you guys on KH Insider forums.