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  1. WhinyAcademic

    Small Theory on The "Day Off" in Days

    This is a 50/50 theory between Days and 3D, but I put it here. Young Xehanort grabbed the Xehanort's from across time, right? What if the day he grabbed Xemnas and Xigbar, it was the reason the Organization had a day off during Days? I am not including Saïx at the moment because Axel...
  2. WhinyAcademic

    RIP Christopher Lee

    :( Sir Christopher Lee has passed away at age 93. A legend is gone. :( I'm in shock.
  3. WhinyAcademic

    "Red Eyes" in BbS Final Mix

    Alright, now here's a few ideas that have been stirred up in my mind from the recent scan of "Red Eyes" as I'll refer to him, in BbS Final Mix. Red Eyes could be a Pureblood Heartless, as it looks like there's no Emblem on it. It would fit, as the Realm of Darkness has to be teeming with...
  4. WhinyAcademic

    What did Luxord say in TWTNW?

    In the main lobby, Luxord was sitting around sometime in the 300 days, before day 353 when Xion escapes. I walk up to talk to him, and he tells me, "Passion is a virtue..." I forgot what he else he said, and I never saved a file to that day. Can someone please tell me the rest of what he said...
  5. WhinyAcademic

    Final Mix+ Extra Room translations

    You know how like when you have to make a choice to do something(ex. fight Xemnas, play minigame) it'll say something like this: Xemnas - Beyond this door is the beginning of the end of your journey. Are you prepared for what lies ahead? And your reply'd be something you'd say? Does somebody...
  6. WhinyAcademic

    My own 2008-2009 crisis.

    EXTREMELY LONG QUESTION Hi, I'm Chris, a 13-year-old guy who has unreturned feelings towards another 13-year-old, Megan. You better know the whole story, though. Well, Megan moved here last year, and I just fell head over heels for her. She seemed incredibly beautiful, kind to everyone...
  7. WhinyAcademic

    Just wondering...

    umm, if what i'm about to say is fake, don't shoot! please! I was just at Wikipedia looking at the article about Vexen's English voice actor, Derek Stephen Prince... I know that, since anyone can edit it, Wikipedia might not be accurate....... But, in the listings of his video game roles...