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  1. Finland


    i have returned again but this time i don't see any familiar names where everyone at???
  2. Finland

    im here

    give me a reason to stay for longer than a day
  3. Finland

    who is array

    he is suddenly the moderator of all the subforums he seems to be all the members too who the hell is he ???
  4. Finland


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdXl3QtutQI A comprehensive guide for beginners Gametags Finland - Mindfang#2775 (EU) Victor - Victor#1951 (NA) Share decks, gametags, anything related! Questions are allowed too.
  5. Finland


    after months of doing nothing creative this happens if any of you know the new fighter game divekick then you know this lady (seriously though dr. shoals makes me so wet i destroy everything with her) original size image here so yeah point out mistakes or comment or whatevs i would really...
  6. Finland


    seen art threads around so might as well make one of my own AGAIN i use both a pencil and a tablet so this is going to be a mongrel of sorts kicking this off with these; still can't settle on a style with the digital bs it's so hard also merry christmas
  7. Finland

    reply or not i'll keep on making these

    more effort hair experiments resulted in massive things ugh idk if this is nsfw i mean i didn't really mean it i was just too lazy to draw some sort of clothing? she's wearing a skin-colored suit yeah ok inb4 deleted i hate her nose so much i can't paint shit
  8. Finland


    never got better at anything though can't finish anything doodling forever jfc how do you people even have the patience
  9. Finland


  10. Finland

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You ohhhhh god i want to know what this is so bad
  11. Finland

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You three minutes clapping is great follow the green puck when fighting, or do like me and smash one button over and over while focusing more on the bottom screen idk it works somehow
  12. Finland

    Arkham Plantsylum

    sorry for the lack of red hair jfc though poison ivy looks gorgeous in arkham asylum
  13. Finland

    Rick Santorum pulling out

    Idfk which link to pick, here's one. Rick Santorum ends bid for GOP nomination - Political Hotsheet - CBS News So, yay? Well fuck that question mark it is a definite yay.
  14. Finland

    Music ► No new records from Gorillaz and Blur

    Came across an interview with Damon Albarn. Damon Albarn: Gorillaz, heroin and the last days of Blur | Music | The Guardian So uh yes. I am kind of sad because I just got into Gorillaz more. >:
  15. Finland

    Music ► About diversity.

    I've only recently started to gather separate songs from different artists into my music library. Before, I'd religiously listen to only a handful of bands and artists and barely anything outside of their albums. So yeah I started to wonder about this, and I want to know if you guys only listen...
  16. Finland


    i signed it and everything IS THIS ENOUGH ;-; also solar i'm sorry i wanted us to be friends and i am sad that you had to go and attempt seducing me our relationship is really complicated right now but it's completely my fault i am sorry
  17. Finland

    about bonking time i posted here again

    haven't had anything worth showing lately, really but yeah here have some lesbians with horns in my usual messy style
  18. Finland

    huehuehuehuehuehue HEY PAOLO

    it's your birthday ♥ and only i am moe enough to make the thread for it hbd paolo-chan you are the kyootest admin if we don't count shamdeo i hope you enjoy your day let me give you kisses chu chu~
  19. Finland

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You psssh obviously the sequel has to take place in finland (seriously though a sequel would be kind of meh, same characters or not)
  20. Finland

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You at the moment jelly and sushi are my favorites