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    changing senario mis way

    hey I started playing bbs today and im wondering how I can change senerios mid way. example go to first world with terra clear it then change to vetus then start playing as ven. pleas respond thank you
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    Is it worth it?

    This is a question to anyone who played bbs. Is it really worth buying? Is it that awesome? and why? (pleas no spoiler and be free to hype it up or spit on it as much as you like) Tell the people that haven't play it what you hated or love about it.(and again no spoiler on the story).
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    less loading time?

    every one is saying that there's more stuff in the western version but does that mean more loading time?(sorry about the title more loading time?)
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    birth by sleep rom

    ok so I have been using roms and emulators resently but i'm no expert.SO can sobody tell me where I can get a psp emulator and birth by sleep rom?
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    bbs official website

    ok so I go to the bbs official website and it load's and all but when I go to like the world section is empty! What should I do to make it apper?
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    The new master's road

    I'm do not write story's alot so I wrote this so you can tell me about my writing skills and so you can give me some constructive criticism(or whatever is called) because I look up to some writer's at this site. Chapter 1 The new master's road It was a cold night...
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    douse anybody know wow much is birth by sleep is going to cost?
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    two songs

    In the new trailer there are two new song's.the first one is at the bigginig and the other one is when stich ecape. does anybody know the name's.
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    FOR ME THE THING THAT MADE ME LOL ABOUT DAYS WAS THE DIALOG.surprising for such a dark organiazion it got a pretty good sense of humor,so good that it make you fell like they got a heart. The casual wepons are halarios like the prince of tennis refrence in demix wepom's arsenal or the hair...
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    Random nobodies attack.

    I was playing KH2 and got to the third visit in the underworld and when I'd got to the part that I got to get auron's statue,nobodies come out of nowhere attacking and when I defeat them,there where more nobodies,but another random thing happened,heartless started attacking the nobodies. My...
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    The door to the past.

    Yesterday I was playing KH2 agin and got to the part of timeless river and I was wondering how did pete sommond the door to timeless river out of nowhere? Before the door appears he was getting a schooled by malificens and he was remembering he's past. could the door apperd by his memory? If...
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    Who is the master of TVA?All we know is that Master Xeanorht and he's apprentice go missing and TVA master tells them to go find them. I want to hear your speculations.
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    I don't know how to ask this,but how did sora had an awakening if the keyblade was going to select riku? I mean sora's awakening happend before he got the keyblade and the voice said stuff about he opening the door and he having the greatest weapon of all and what about riku's awakening?
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    Yen Sid v.s Merlin

    Ok.In the journal kh2 it said that Merlin's magic is second to none and it said the same with Yen Sid.This two statement contradict each other.So my question is that in a magic fight between this two master magicians,who would you tink will win and why?
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    Hey I was wondering if in birth by sleep there was going to be new original characters in olympus colosium,becuse I know there's going to be hercules when he was young but what im asking if there's going to be characters of the cartoons like icarus(if that how is spell)the boy who flew to close...
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    Castle Oblivion

    We all know that the lord of castle oblivion is Marluxia,but wouldn't be cool if the lord of castle oblivion was luxord.I mean castle oblivion is a place were cards rule,and luxord weapon are cards,and it would be a perfect reason as to why you have to fight using cards becuse luxord fighting...
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    The most misterios character in kingdom hearts is...

    Pluto That's right the most misterios character in KH is pluto. Why? First. no one know where he is. Second.He always apperd out of nowere. At least that is my opinion.Whats yours?
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    Sora was a heartless?

    So Sora was a heartless,before he met roxas?
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    What happen to roxas?

    What I want to know is what happen to roxas,after he met sora?