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    My Naruto akatsuki souzoku character

    I've decided to draw a character that I had made for a current rp. It only took me like.....5 minutes to do but I'm happy with it. I just wanted to share it so those people that always pondered what my characters looked like might have an idea and its also to share a small piece of art with you...
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    Star Ocean help needed.

    I need some help in star ocean till the end of time. I'm on the second disc in the mosel dunes. I have a level 48 fayte equipped with deminsion door and blade of fury, a level 52 cliff equipped with acrobat locus and fist's of fury, and a level 38 maria with crescent locus and something else...I...
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    Kingdom Hearts:Oblivion's call

    In this tale of Kingdom Hearts, Sora has turned 17 and he still lives o the island happily. This continues until he receives a note from queen minney explaining to sora that king mickey has suddenly dissapeared and has not shown for several day's. Sora,Riku and Kairi then know there is something...
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    Phantasy star

    I know a game called Phantasy star online, and was created by sega. They have lot's of Phantasy star games released. Some including Phantasy star online episode I and II, Phantasy star episode III. And then their is the newest one, Supposedly coming out at the end of this year called Phantasy...
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    Fantasy of the imagination.

    Okay, This rp is about the sweet fruits of all you can think of. There is no set to your race or gender. Be whatever you want, demon, human, hedgehog, alien, saiyan, whatever you desire. Meet who you want, dante, jin kazama, cloud strife, sora, sonic, goku, goku(of saiyuki) edward or alphonse...
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    renkaichi henkakuu

    Alright, this is mah first rp so if You don't like it.....tough :) here is teh story.... This is 2000 b.c (waaaaaaaay back heh?) and there where many clans of ninjas, and scools/villages for samurai. Though ninjas and samurai did not agree on everything, they all had their respect for one...
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    New ff games

    I was browsing the internet and found out that there was a new ff game called final fantasy VII before the crisis, I'm not really sure if any one else posted something like this. Nor do I know if anyone else know's anything about this. One time I was also watching g4 and heard about ff 12 coming...
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    Hello, I'm seinra, swordsman of the twilight. I'm pretty new and would like to get to know people soon.