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    kh2 poll

    I'd go with Leon in Hollow Bastion.
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    Oh god yes. Defenders were little devils.
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    Burger King Cologne

    Burger King releases meat-scented cologne - Telegraph I really can't see who would buy this. Or even who would be attracted to someone wearing it, other then a really fat woman of course. It's a little sickening to see this. It's basically marketed at Americans. But nonetheless, I guess you...
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    Poor Namine.

    Best Transition ever? But In all seriousness, you can't judge voices yet. You have no clue what they will sound like. Just because you have heard them talk in a show or movie or something else doesn't mean they will sound the same. They could do many things to change their voice around. Can't...
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    His hair on the cover isn't all that bad. Its more of a dirty blonde to me. But just plain blonde... wouldn't want that
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    ... I couldn't even begin to imagine how much I would hate Sora with Blonde hair. And yet, there will still be people complaining about it.
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    Hardest boss?

    Xaldin was the hardest by far. Really still couldn't call him "hard" Since, none of the bosses are truly hard. Not easy but.. rather ehh kinda medium-low difficulty.
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    dark soldier=xemnas?

    That is true but you can't prove that Xehanort is not the UEM either.
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    Adult Swim and Anime

    What Anime shows would you like to see be put on Adult Swim? For me it would have to be 1.Yu Yu Hakusho 2.Hellsing 3.Ninja Scroll 4.Mobile Suit Gundam 5.Vandread (had to put a funny one on here) Didn't know if i should of put this in televison. It had to do with anime so i put it here.
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    KH2:FM+ secret trailer

    maybe he hates youtube? Did you ever think of that?
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    Organization XIII

    Never use computer in school... v_v.. people use your account for dumb things like this. EDIT// Closed =D
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    Organization XIII Math

    i also did some thing with the org members using math. It is a little different then what this one is. If you want to check it out it is in the nonsense forum. It's called Organization XIII
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    Summer Movies

    Out of all the movies that are coming out this summer which one is going to be the best and make the most money?
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    Favorite keyblade in KH2

    My favorite has to be the one we get from auron
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    Say whatever you want to say

    just thought i make one. well people let it all out
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    New Worlds in the next KH

    i was thinking toy story it would be a very weird one. or may be treasure planet i could see going to that world
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    Yen Sid

    Everyone knows yen sid was mickeys master but my question is how taught Yen Sid ? If it was ever said i must have missed it.
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    Bald guy in finalmix

    I don't know if it is just me or if the bald guy reminds me of someone. I think it was the way he moved his hands it looked familar to me.