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  1. Rhapsody


    (i think most of yall know how this game goes. still, I’m reposting and editing the info from the last twewy rp me and ews collaborated on. also i was having issues with formatting while posting this, so ignore those.) {a TWEWY/SUBARASHIKI KONO SEKAI roleplay} Players Profiles...
  2. Rhapsody

    TWISTER [ the world ends with you ]

    à .T W I S T E R. ß {A WEWY/SUBARASHIKI KONO SEKAI ROLEPLAY COLLAB by Rhapsody & Endless Warrior Sora} ~*~ "Excu-" Great. "Err, sir, can you -" Just perfect. "Wait! Do you know where-" Really, were these people deaf? Her jumbled phrases were all ignored. She tried to...
  3. Rhapsody

    TWISTER: A TWEWY roleplay [ sign ups/ooc thread ]

    Give up on yourself… …And you give up on the WORLD. à .T W I S T E R. ß {A WEWY/SUBARASHIKI KONO SEKAI ROLEPLAY COLLAB by Rhapsody & Endless Warrior Sora} WARNING: SPOILERS ARE IN THE FOLLOWING POST AND WILL BE IN THIS ROLEPLAY. In fact, this whole roleplay takes place after...
  4. Rhapsody

    If you could meet any one of the KH Characters which one would it be?

    Just what the title says. I'd want to meet Roxas. He rocks...:thumbup: Plus, he just seems like a nice guy to hang around with. I would do Riku, but I'd probably be too shy to say anything to him...
  5. Rhapsody

    Guess this is where I greet myself, huh?

    Well then, yo!! Names Azura, of course. Yeah, I'm a newbie. Love KH though, so I think this place is gonna be alright.:toungesmile: How's it goin' everyone?!?