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  1. OneDandelion

    Animal Crossing New Horizons

    What with the corona virus and my influx of spare time I have literally been pouring hours and hours into this game. Anyone want to share FC's or QR codes? I've been seeing tons of Kingdom Hearts related QR designs.
  2. OneDandelion

    Who bought the gummiphone case?

    I know one of you guys is buying it lol who is it?
  3. OneDandelion

    Just finished The World Ends With You

    I'd heard really good things about this game for a long time and finally decided to get it because it looks like we might see it involved in the next Kingdom Hearts game and it blew me away. How this game has not been more involved in the Kingdom Hearts universe is beyond me because everything...
  4. OneDandelion

    Why did the Organization XIII members travel to the future?

    Hi everyone its yaboi OneDandelion back with another theory thread because this series is so absurd I will literally never run out of questions to ask. Where is Ballad of Caius to make me look like a fool again? Among the Organization XIII members that time traveled from the past there is...
  5. OneDandelion

    Could Radiant Garden be Daybreak Town?

    Is this a theory yet? -All of the technology is there to place people into data worlds and such. -Most of the Organization members/apprentices of Ansem the Wise seem to be from KHX/UX -The architecture seems similar, or perhaps a bit worn down. -And also, this: looks kind of like this...
  6. OneDandelion

    Recapping the recent main story

    I've been trying to wrap my head around whats happening in this game so if any of you can correct me on the timeline of events or if i've got something wrong I'd appreciate it. -Events of Kingdom Hearts X happen up to the keyblade war. These events happen in the real world, but the worlds...
  7. OneDandelion


  8. OneDandelion

    Anyone Else Think Disney Ruined This Game?

    I love the story of the game. Thats not the issue for me here, my issue is with the actual gameplay. I know Nomura knows how to make a Kingdom Hearts game. I've played all of them - and ALL of them are more challenging than KHIII. ALL of them require more thought and strategy. For a game...
  9. OneDandelion

    Theory on the traitor

    Sorry if this has been posted before, if it has and no one wants to discuss it just delete it I guess. I've been looking a bit and havent really seen any theories quite like mine so here goes. This is what the lost page says: "The fated land will be the battleground for a great war. Light will...