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  1. Craselin

    Tales Of The Eliminator

    First time i was in a room where all the doors were at the top so i had to get to the top but the bloody thing kept flip footing me so i would run off the edge then when i was on the ground it would sticky feet me! I died after 3 minutes of running
  2. Craselin

    non-soundtrack Halloween Town music missing?

    I think your right. I do like the song, it's epic.
  3. Craselin

    Got the game? Want to share your thoughts? Re:coded impressions thread.

    am i the only one who has noticed that the coded graphics are better than re:coded? Besides that I like the game and am playing it through on critical
  4. Craselin

    Craselin here!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to KH insider and i just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. I'm a 14 (in 11 days) year old boy from Australia, I'm a programmer and game producer. I am interested in Square Enix, Anime (especially Code Geass and Durarara!!) and music (mainly piano stuff). Well, I...