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    SoundGarden anyone? :D I think SoundGarden is an excellent Grunge band, I love them for their awesome guitar riffs and Chris Cornell has an awesome voice, my favorite songs by them are, Superunkown, OutShined and Burden In My Hand. What do you think about SoundGarden?
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    Anyone like this band other then me? I think it's a great band, good old Seattle Grunge.
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    à§çìí Kéÿßöá®ð

    £õ£ àñýôñè wâñt tó kñòw hðw tø Ðö thî§ jµ§t PM mê fõ® thë £ïñk. Thì§ í§ mèäñt tó ßê fò® tðtå£ ñøñ§ëñ§é.
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    I LOVE this game, it looks like a game for 3 year olds(probably is) but it's too damn fun!! I cant put my PSP down. Anyone else like this game? I think it's a great to see some new intuitive gameplay. And the game has a cool soundtrack and lots of other extas.
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    Anyone familiar with Apocaylptica? If not they are an Instrumental Rock band that is very good in my perspective, and have great songs such as "Hope", and "Bitter Sweet". If you havent heard of them and would like to just click the first Samurai Champloo video next to my sig.
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    Anyone like the show House? I think its a great show plus House is funny :thumbsup:
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    any one else besides me like P.O.D? and if so what song do you like? i like Here Comes The Boom, Youth Of The Nation,and Goodbye For Now.
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    The Clock Tower Phantom

    I really need help fighting this boss because every time he casts that death thing my guys die basically instantly. Anyone give some advice for defeating him? I would be very grateful.
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    Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

    I love the Samurai Champloo soundtrack its so great and unique in so many ways. anyone else agree?
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    Just Good old beats

    Anyone just like relaxing and chilling to plain old Mixes of beats and no lyrics? and if so describe what they sound like and what they mean to you. Beats to me have meanings of a way to express ones soul.
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    Samurai Champloo anyone?

    I like Samurai Champloo because it's not like other animes out there it has a cross fusion of modern Japan in the Edo time period and a fusion of up to beat hip hop now normally I don't like Hip-Hop but it fits this show perfectly I like the story its serious and has a good sense of humor most...
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    The way it should be

    How do you think Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 2's story should be changed in a new way? what would you like the story of the game to clear up for you?
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    What Form would you make?

    What Drive forms do you think should be added to KH2:Final Mix? I personally think that Riku and Sora should have a drive together.
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    Gackt official thread forum

    This is the No.1 place for Gackt fans to go wild and talk everything Gackt have fun!!
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    Cloud Vs Itachi

    this debate is a little weird but for those who dont know Itachi is the guy on my sig, and is Sasuke's brother in Naruto. anyways me personally would have to go with Itachi because of his Sharingan.
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    Utada Hikaru

    this is the official thread for Utada Hikaru talk anything Utada PLZ no flaming and have fun
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    This the OficcailFan thread for AudioSlave go wild and talk everything AudioSlave PLZ no flaming
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    this is the official AudioSlave Fan Club go wild talk everything about AudioSlave and PLZ! no flaming
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    Absolutely Random

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SqqqxxcPfs&mode=related&search= TELL ME IF THE ABOVE WAS FUNNY
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    whoever likes old school rock should listen to this band they are good "AudioSlave" best rock band ever!!!!!!!!!!!