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    I know I dont make threads much and all but can some one if anyone could put up all the org. English cutsences I know that some are not out yet and I have seen three but if anyone could put up like all of them I would thank you very much :D P.S.- If a thread like one looking for all the new...
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    Org. X

    ok this is the anti-suvre gang clubs are for fags well ok... If you want to join pm me this is not the place to tell me you want to join if you need info on him write here and if you are in org. X write anything this is for you guys ok here ya go guys
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    Irony ( spoiler )

    Is it not ironic that they show you kingdom hearts on the game case for kh1 and on the strategy guide? We could of know what it was befor we even played the game
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    *spoiler* idea for kh3...

    This is long sorry but its got a good idea of what i think kh3 will be about just read it Ok if you have seen the secert movie at the end of kh2 we first see the full ansem report im not sure if it was just the one from kh2 or the kh and kh2 one but I belive there will be another one for kh3...
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    *spoiler* idea for kh3

    THis is long sorry but its got a good idea of what i think kh3 will be about just read it Ok if you have seen the secert movie at the end of kh2 we first see the full ansem report im not sure if it was just the one from kh2 or the kh and kh2 one but I belive there will be another one for kh3...
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    Ienzo spolier

    This has been said I think but if not god was it easy to find Ienzo is from kh2 and is a young deciple od ansem the real one and if you dont know this he is Zexion just wanted to tell yall Its cool to know that his deciples arre the original 6 org. members Edit: Also just to add if this...
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    Kh2 memories

    ahhhh with the kh2 game in japan we can tell that we will learn much more soon but I want this page to be a page where we look back at some good moments here on kh2 topics Now go ahead and post some funny moments, bad moments and make your self look like a idiot BUT remember they have to be...
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    My final Ideas

    As time has gone by I have seen the strangest things I started looking at post and I had to have a say in March I will be posting more and have of you dont give but heres EVER THING I think about kh2 THIS WILL BE LONG SO IF YOU ARE GOING TO SPAM PLEZ MAKE SURE TO SPAM WELL Ok this will start...
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    I would just like to say

    You can close this after I post it I dont any spam but to all people that get the fake email dont post any thing one it Also Every part of it does not make sence execpt the two other forms but its most likly untrue
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    read this its big and long and Good

    Well I know this could be way off but still this could be true dont get me wrong... In the trailers we see the hp yes I know somthing like thins has alrdy been posted but that not the point bhk hp bar is much lower then any of soras which means A. he has the walk through which we have seen in...
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    Door of Light

    Remember at the end of kh1 it said sora will be the one who will opens the door of light well in this game kh2 that will be a major focus. I think he wakes up sees Namine from com then does his shit finds mickey fights riku in dd town and opens it I am not sure if anyone alrdy post this...
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    Im back with new ideas

    ya i know bad title... well ok start off everyone to read this that is new since apirl have no idea who i am well im no one you should know o well off topic look at my ideas in the past records ok heres some new ones for ya 1. Ive been on and off and looking at sites and seeing new...
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    The first thing I said was......

    What you are about to read is very very important read it and learn somthing Well when I found this site and that was around Febuary, when no one knew anything about what was going to happen. Now back then I asked you one question about the who do you think were going to be in kh2 and the...
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    Well many of people said that mickey got his keyblade from the light but what I just read disproved that idea is a sec go to this website http://sd.cubicnetwork.net/index.php?id=new_html/scenes here it says mickey found the keyblade to this side does this mean the side riku was on or the side...
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    Sick of fake kh2 dates

    God almost evernoob has told us a fake release date so far on when kh2 is coming out. Theres no proof and STOP posting shit that it's coming out with PROOF! This goes back from a post Someone brought up a good point why would stores like ebgames and others give a release date when it is coming...
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    Bhk and the other side of Soras heart

    Well by now if you didn't now bhk is the other side of Sora's heart go to www.khultimania.com to see. In the japp. verson the unknown says you are incomplete and you haven't meet him yet meaning what?..... his darkside or the Bhk? I think it is the bhk but in dd he is talking to the guy on the...
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    Body and Soul

    well hi having a good day? me too..... well this is one of my first posts in about a week and im ready to prove that I have one idea to how this will play out ..... Body and Soul these two things will play a big part in kh2 from seeing the white things called dusks and the heartless...
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    Playing cards and kingdom hearts and 2

    Well you have seen heartless runing around with hearts right....these new white things have spades... does this mean kingdom hearts is off of playing cards or is it just a crazy joke also based on the evolution idea when heart less get stroger like shadow-to a neoshadow is that like numbers...
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    red hair girl and Namine

    Well we all know that there is a red hair girl in kh2 right? What are the odds at it is not kairi... they have the same color hair, same type of hair and was looking at d. island you cant tell me she was not looking at it... Namine on the other hand might not play a big role but I think she...
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    If you had to bring back a keyblade back from the old kh what would it be? Also think of two keyblades at once!