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    Is it just me?

    Or does anyone else also believe that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is way too weird of a title? I mean, "Coded" is a pretty normal, yet cryptic name, and "Birth By Sleep" is the absolute best name they could've used for the PSP game, but "358/2 Days"? Whats that mean? Why so complicated? Whats with...
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    Terra friend of sora and riku?

    I think Riku might've just been there as filler. I mean, wouldn't Sora look a little silly just playing in the water by himself? But, as stated above, he could've just been referring to the the keyblade as his friend.
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    Master Xehanort.

    A fan thread? Or just a feeble attempt to get over my horrid fear of him? On any note, discuss this new uber baddie here. Got artwork or theories? Post them here too! Anyways, what are your opinions of him? For me, he scares the jeebies outta me. (Seriously. I've had about 10 nightmares cause...
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    Or... Just go about your daily business. Whatever. Anyways, I'm back from my impromptu hiatus from the site. I doubt any of you remember me, but, anyways... Just wanted to let everybody know.
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    Terra friend of sora and riku?

    I'm willing to assume that he can "sense" Ven in Sora. He notices the similarity, and... Well, you can sum up the rest from there. Of course, what jovjo said makes alot of sense as well.
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    About the Ice Cream...

    Is there a way to make it without an Ice Cream Maker? I don't have one, don't know anyone that has one, and I can't afford one. Any help is appreciated!
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    Song in the Beginning of CoM?

    No problem holmes. Glad to help. The Re:CoM version, by the way, is the best, in my opinion.
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    Song in the Beginning of CoM?

    "Dearly Beloved" by Yoko Shimomura. Its been in every single KH game ever made.
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    The VT Massacre.

    CNN.com - Special Reports - Massacre At Virginia Tech 32 innocent people killed... Almost 30 more injured... The deadliest shooting rampage in American history... Anybody who knows me knows how much I hate Virginia Tech... But thats a sports issue. This goes far beyond a trophy or a football...
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    Who wants to translate?

    Wow, thats pretty deep indeed! Thanks much!
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    Who wants to translate?

    YouTube - KH2FM- Roxas Boss Fight + New Scene (Critical Mode) I'm really curious to know what Axel and Roxas are saying to each other. It must've been pretty deep for Axel to start crying. Has anybody translated this thing yet?
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    KH2FM+ Review

    Wow... You really remind me of the current generation of Sonic fans... Always complaining even though the games are great. Just shut up and enjoy the games!
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    KH2FM+ Review

    As a semi-pro reviewer, I gotta say, that was an excellent review. I can't wait to get my hands on those games... I'm really optimistic for a US release.
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    Has anybody...

    Translated what the Knight says to Sora before the battle yet? The only video I've found (the same one as you guys have on the front page) is unsubbed. Come on, I know one of ya has it translated! :closedeyes:
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    I'd love for it to be one of Zexion's illusions, with him still being alive, still being the mastermind of everything that's going on. Doubt that would happen, but man, wouldn't that be dope?
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    Here's an idea.

    So, I was on a friend's forum, talking about the new ending... And he brought up a very interesting point. The ending is said to take place in the past, right? What if maybe, just maybe, we're witnessing the creation of Kingdom Hearts itself there near the end? If you think about it, it might...
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    KH II: FM + Secret Ending Song

    Finally... I thought this song was called "Birth By Sleep" though. Oh well, Its amazing nonetheless.
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    Ok, so I know there's a thread about it already, but that one had waaaaaaaaaaay too much fanboyism going on, and a bit of a flame towards football fans (which is something else that I'm a fan of) so... yeah. Sorry if this isn't allowed. Anyways, the 2007 season is well underway, with my guy...
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Thats what made her cool, in my opinion.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I liked Larxene actually. Her attitude was spot on.