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    Any KHI "Veterans"?

    So, I haven't been on this site in ages and most people who are active now seemed to have joined waaay after I took my leave. Anyone I might recognize still around? Like members from 2005-2006? ^^;; ( Dang, lots changed during the past few years >.> )
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Crims

    Kingdom Hearts: The Crims +[A Literate Kingdom Hearts Role Play]+ SIGN UP THREAD Plot:: Heartless, the dark beings formed out of the darkness in one's heart. Relentlessly and mindlessly collecting hearts for reasons unknown, even to themselves. Heartless divide in to two main groups...
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    The Four Houses of Hogwarts

    <<There's quite a few Harry Potter RPs in motion currently so I decided to try a HP RP again since my first one, done with Ratio6, hasn't been much of a success... Hopefully ratio and I will do a redo sometime near the end of the summer but I can only hope this one doesn't get abandoned like the...
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    Treason, Part One: Tainted Wings

    ((That's right I'm back, in a long time again... *sigh* I really want to finish this RP or atleast turn it in to a fic if that doesn't work, if you're going to join I'm expecting you to stick with the RP instead of just abandonning it! This is Part One, I’ll have the story for Part Two ready...
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    d r i f t i n g

    Summary- This takes place before Roxas looses his memories and winds up in Twilight Town. Emerald is a new addition into the plot her world was corrupted by heartless and that's where out story begins. Disclaimer- I do not own Kingdom Hearts or it's characters. Where is this place? Who is...
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    .+: Guardian Angels :+.

    .+: Guardian Angels :+. This is a retry +Human+ You walk home kicking a rock on the sidewalk, let’s admit it your life sucks. More than half the school hates you, you have horrible luck and you’ll never be smart no matter how hard you try! Your life has been pretty much always the same…...
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    *~The Never Melting Ice~*

    The Never Melting Ice ((I am finally back to the world of RPing >_< months of no RPing can get boring if your comp has a virus and you lost your games T-T BTW It's another romance RP)) The snow fell covering the whole city in a thick layer of blinding whiteness. The whole world appears to be...
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    <^> Two Minute Horror Collection <^>

    Two Minute Horror Collection Editor: sallyji22 Authors: sallyji22 // ratio6 Authors that aren't members of the forums: A. Fung // DJ. Bongato People welcome here anytime: Setharoth // ratio6 // twilight_soul // KingdomofHearts Black List: [empty] More may be added. You can send me short...
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    .+:Guardian Angel:+.

    .+: Guardian Angels :+. +Human+ You walk home kicking a rock on the sidewalk, let’s admit it your life sucks. More than half the school hates you, you have horrible luck and you’ll never be smart no matter how hard you try! Your life has been pretty much always the same… Sometimes the other...
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    Into the Blue (Cruise)

    +The summer of 06 is now to be long gone and never to return *sob* So I'm making may last summer based RP for this year~ Hope ya like it!+ You just got home and couldn't help but notice a fancy envelope on the kitchen counter with your name on it. You pick it up and you can see the print on it...
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    The Prophecy: The Bloodshed

    +:unsure: I dun think it'll get very far.... But better than not trying at all...+ In Tyrasis the prophecy shall be fulfilled… “When all seems condemned, 12 young heroes will rise, From the corners of the world… The Great Battle will take place, On the plains of Rhenn. Many races will die...
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    A/N- Err?I never have much to say about my fic so um no flames? Pweez? ^-^; "Hello? Is anybody there?"Roxas called out to the empty streets of a foreign town. But the only response was his echo. The place seemed deserted. The moonlight was the only light in the whole city, then he saw it: a...
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    The Quest for Mana

    If you've played sword of mana you know the story. Long, long ago there was a godess, She cherished all life and transformed herself into a Mana Tree to watch over the world Thus the legend began... As time passed memory of the godess faded from people's hearts... Then one man crept into...
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    Silkroad Online

    Just wanted to know does anybody on this forums play Silkroad? Which server? It's so hard to make long posts wen ur just asking questions, and only two too... ^-^; Me- Sever:Troy _Psiren_ Make sure u say hi if u see me^-^ lolz
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    The Beach House

    The Beach House Another RP by ratio6 and me! This time it’s not HP, instead it goes with the whole summer vacation theme *^^* Join? Mrs. Taylor sat on the rocking chair with her cat Alfred on her lap. She looked over to the fireplace. The house was too empty; she needed help around the house...
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    Who's hair is better?

    Sora, no Riku,no Axel, no Roxas... You know wut, Ican't decide, this should be a crime asking some1 to choose between those hairstyles :( I luff them all
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    ugliest Organization member?

    Vexen, coz he managed to look like an old man and a freakish old lady
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    Stepping out of the Darkness...

    Sora woke up in a dark, empty castle hall. It looked so familiar, HallowBastion? No, that place was swarming with heartless when he left... "Riku? Kairi? Donald? Goofy?" he called out to his friends. But no answer came. Once again he was isolated in an unknown world. ~*~*~*~*~* You wake up in...
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    Hogwarts(a sallyji22 and ratio6 production)

    This is a Harry Potter RP that me and ratio6 have come up with. We decided it'll be a good RP! An owl flew by dropping a letter in your hands. You open it to find a letter... HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WHICHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY Head master: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand...
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    Our Differences

    Heaven and Hell... Devils and Angels were always enemies, but a group of foolish teens from both sides fall in love and this changes the whole feud. War, the whole problem just escalates and thing get worse. When they first meet they have no idea of the other's identity(race) After a while they...