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    Random logouts?

    At times I keep randomly logging out without pressing the Log Out button or getting a message saying I am logging out. By refreshing the page I'm either still logged out or I'm logged back in without having to put in my username and password again. However this keeps happening, so I'm wondering...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Single Segment speedrun by me.

    Speed Demos Archive - Kingdom Hearts II Comments I wrote here for those who don't feel like reading them there. I plan on putting it up on Youtube soon for those who don't want to download the run.
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    Searching for a Video editing program/Movie Maker help

    As the title says, I'm looking for a new video editing program. Just about any will do, but I need something with a flame effect, such as the words appear with flames around them or something similar. Also, I'm having trouble with Windows Movie Maker. When I start it up, make a movie, and go to...
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    Can someone test this strategy for me?

    Recently I found a way to kill Heartless very easy using a combo of Ars Arcanum and the Genie Jafar Card. Only problem using this is that all bosses I"ve tested it on(Except Darkside) counterattack it(Marluxia, Axel, Larxene, Vexen, and Riku have counterattacked). Any chance this strategy would...
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    Old guy returning

    I used to come here months ago but after a while I stopped coming here so I thought I would check up. And I notice that the RPG is still having some troubles. Well then, guess I'll have to start over again.
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    Me and my hobo knife

    Stabbin people is my life. First I'll go and find a wife Then I'll learn how to play the fife. If you want the rest of this song donate to me 1000 gil. j/k
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    I once shot a guy to watch him die.

    Then I got distracted and missed it. Isn't that horrible?
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    I'm a monkey, feed me a peanut.

    Feed me a peanut cause I'm a monkey. Seriously give me a peanut. I'm starved.
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    Fanfiction ► Dead or Alive: Past Encounters

    This is a story I wrote a few months ago on a forum and it won a contest. I'll post the first chapter of it. Dead or Alive: Past Encounters Chapter 1:The invitation *Dan Fitzgerald was an 18-year-old kid living on his own in the town of Boston. He was 5’8” and around 170 but he had...
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    Do something about campers.

    I was hoping to do a battle today but all bots I could fight are being taken by someone else. Many of which just leave after a while and not let anyone battle. If I want gil I have to post and I wanted to battle because I finally got my own weapon.
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    Help with my deck.

    This is my VS deck that I'm using against a friend. I used one similar to this and won one battle against him(Out of 2). Note:*'s are combo finishers. Oblivion 9 Lionheart 9 *One Winged Angel 8 Divine Rose 8 Divine Rose 8 *Lionheart 8 Divine Rose 8 Lionheart 8 *One Winged Angel 7 Divine Rose...
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    Looking for a GIF of Axel

    I need help finding a GIF of Axel when he extends his arms and his weapons appear in his hands. If you can find it in less than 50 KB I'll be very thankful.
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    Funny COM flash.

    http://trg.fireball20xl.com/tfs/index.php?id=56 This was created by Alan Solivan so credit for him!
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    Kingdom Hearts RPG:The Allegiance of Light

    Please include the following info I have. Name: Dan Fitzgerald Age:16 Sex:Male Race:Human Home:Vanda Description:He is in the middle of his training as a Paladin so he wears an armor made of gold and is rarely taken off. Underneath he has brown hair and blue eyes. Good bad, or...
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    Crazy thing.

    You guys will probably not believe this. I got a pizza today and it was $8.50 and I paid with a $20. The kid there gave me only $1. I told him how he owed me the $11 and he only gave me a $10. I didn't care though. As I left the $11 I got was on top of the boxes and when I was outside I was...
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    What Sqaure-Enix character do you want to be as an extra boss?

    I would like Magus from Chrono Trigger. And bring back Sephiroth too since I want to fight him in this game. But I want him stronger.
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    Looking for a Kingdom Hearts Desktop

    Does anyone have one because I had one on my computer almost a year ago but something happened and I lost everything including it. I've looked and cannot find one so if anyone has one I would be thankful.
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    New guy here.

    I'm Magus Fitzgerald. If you guys have ever been to gamefaqs.com then you may know me already since I'm a veteran at Kingdom Hearts. Chain of Memories I'm good at but not 100%. I'm hoping the RPG comes back up because I want to try this sites one. The other one I'm using is ok but doesn't have a...