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    are you excited about kh2

    I'm excited but not enough for six threads...damn
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    Don't know if u care but I go.here is my e- mail address DON'T GIVE OUT E-MAIL ADDRESSES ON MAIN BOARDS bye:p :D
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    Dudes and dude girls we have the industry of the future Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! is a profit organization ruled by me and Loki awesome Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! is for no school, beer, weed, cake, and candy. It is also ruled by vp stewie below If u have questions ask people if u want to join put...
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    I sorry after this I'll drop it I just want to say thanx to whoever banned that guy u should know. :D
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    Would Someone Please Pm Me! I'm So Bored And Need A Freind Or Someone To Talk To!
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    Ive been looking on here for 2 days and this is my first thread, so hello