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    Poetry by Auron

    My life is blank, like an empty frame Sitting on a dusty shelf. Waiting to be used, it has no name, Yet I know it is myself. I am a lone fish upon an empty sea, Waiting for another to see me. I wrote these a few years ago when I was really depressed about my cat dying.
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    Who is everyone's favorite baddie in KH2? Mine is Demyx. What about you?
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    Least favorite character

    I'm trying to see who everyone's least favorite character in the whole game is, be they annoying, stupid, or just plain useless
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    The Pride Lands

    What about the Pride Lands did you like/dislike most? I know that I personally hated it all
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    Hardest Organization fight?

    I'm wondering who everyone thinks is the hardest Org. Member to beat in KH2
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    The MCP

    Just a question, but why do you think Xehanort brought back the MCP? There had to be a reason behind it
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    Auron's Leveling Guide for Pros

    Alright, this is my leveling guide. I am making this giving credit to myself and the KInsider population for telling me some of these things Now, to start off with, leveling your character level. The best place to do this would be in the Pride Lands. However, if you aren't a big fan of...
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    Your Favorite ► Least favorite worlds

    I'm really interested to see what people's least favorite world is from KH2 Mine is the Pride Lands because you have to fight as a Lion, which is really hard to me
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    Kingdom Hearts without Final Fantasy

    What would KH be like if we took out all the Final Fantasy people and replaced them with original people?
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    Larxene 2nd Fight Help

    I am Lvl 41 and I just beat the 4th Riku battle, now I'm at Larxene, but every time I fight her, she either makes me use all my cure cards then takes out my hp bit by bit, takes it all out at once with Blade Storm, or I run out of attack cards. I spent 3 hours last night trying to beat her to...
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    Xion "What If"

    OK, this is my Xion "What if" that has nothing at all with where she came from What If, seeing as Sora never killed her, Xion still exists? She could've left before Sora began to annhilate them It would also explain why she has no Pillar in Proof of Existence Edit: I made this post because I...