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  1. Nial

    Dream Drop Distance - Happy 4th Anniversary!

    4 years already?! Damn, I can't really believe it. I remember that they decided to not translate the game in my language (Italian) and people complained sooo much, things like "oh I do know English, but it's the principle that matters, so I'll not buy it!" and I was like "what the hell are you...
  2. Nial

    News ► Kingdom Hearts: The Novel Cover Art Revealed!

    Alright, well it doesn't really change that much, I was just curious :D Was waiting for the final volume to come out to get all of Days manga, bless Yen Press *-*
  3. Nial

    News ► Kingdom Hearts: The Novel Cover Art Revealed!

    I have a (probably) stupid question: on Book Depository the 5th volume of Days is listed as " Available", but since the release date is the 20th, will it be considered a preorder if I buy it now? :Oc
  4. Nial

    News ► Free Roxas & Sora Lithograph with Preorders of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 in Europe!

    So, if I preordered on amazon, I don't get it? If I go here Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and select a retailer amazon is on the list, but I don't know...
  5. Nial

    Character's Report Vol. 2 Translations

    this is amazingnothingtoseehere