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  1. Zul

    I think she might be Kairi's grandma!

  2. Zul


  3. Zul

    "I'm melting!, I'm meeeeelting!"

    What a world what a world! Blerrrrrde Cats and Dogs finally found a way to live together, just droop into a single pool of liquid. drreeep
  4. Zul

    Yozora Thread

    Has Sora finally been outclassed or will you remain loyal to him? How will he fare against those massive Yozora pecs?
  5. Zul


                                                         ‪‫‪‫‬‭‮ ​​‌‍‎‏                  ‪‫‪‫‬‭‮ ...
  6. Zul

    This is what we're all going to do in KH3, do not deny it.

  7. Zul

    Changing your lock 11 times does nothing against he who wields a Keyblade.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGiLouls_JE Or maybe he'll stop after 13.
  8. Zul

    The Scottish Fold Thread

    Also known as Nomucats or Nomuneko (I didn't embed images that were super-huge) 1. Beware the snugglez. 2. Someone's worried about KH3 getting delayed. 3. On the opposite end, they demand Nomura's hugz even it costs KH3 time. He'll have to hug them with one hand and work on KH3 with the...
  9. Zul

    Plane makes emergency landing after passengers fight because one of them wouldn't stop farting.

    FLIGHT FLATULENCE: Passenger passing gas causes fight and emergency landing | abc13.com "Bizarrely enough, this is not the first time an incident of this nature has taken place in an airplane. In July 2017, an American Airlines flight had to be evacuated at a North Carolina airport after a man...
  10. Zul

    There is a community of over 50 thousand people.

    Dedicated to....well.....I can't even say it. here
  11. Zul

    It's Superbowl time again.

    Okay this one is just amazing. A superb owl that is somehow missing from KH Unless he was in KH somewhere? I don't remember. One wonders if Queen Grimhilde's not-Disney brother would get along with Maleficent.
  12. Zul


  13. Zul

    "Don't you know? My name is..."

    Alright, I skimmed threads up to January and didn't find this, so sorry if it was right there and I missed it. Now, in 0.2, when Aqua says to Terranort "who are you, really?". He responds "don't you know? my name is..". I wondered if he was going to say Terra or Xehanort. It's not really...
  14. Zul


  15. Zul

    "Happy Campers"

    I don't get how this ridiculous term even came about. Camping is not a happy thing. Unless you're camping in your room........with immediate access to internet and pizza/cats. Yeah stop saying it don't say it on KHI ever again.
  16. Zul

    Marluxia's Beef-Lips

    Bonus Points: Avoid getting stabbed by this chin.
  17. Zul

    A White cop stops a Black driver.

    The Driver notices the cop is wearing a skimpy outfit. Driver: Sir, isn't that outfit a bit racy? Cop: Don't play the race card.
  18. Zul

    Despite the many differences in our community...

    Despite the numerous differences in the KHI community, we put our pants on the same way. Languidly, wracked with agony and dread, an expression of resignation and exasperation upon our faces.
  19. Zul

    I would like you all to know.

    That the mammal "antechinus" male, before even reaching one year of age, proceeds to mate with every female in the area so intensely and frequently that it's organs fail and it literally, physically disintegrates.
  20. Zul

    To all girls on KHI that feel insecure about their bodies.

    My third boob is better than yours! BETTER!