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    Sora so weak in KH:FM

    Has anyone ever noticed that even when you get to level 100 DONALD has roughly 20 attack points on sora?
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    Best Way To Level Up In Birth By Sleep FINAL MIX

    I'm trying to get to level 99 and it's taking forever at the mirage arena. Anyone have any good suggestions? The walker trick is taking forever and the radiant garden thing isn't working for me because my radiant garden level is level 6
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    How to Edit Your Profile

    Anyone wanna lend me a hand here? I can't find where to edit your profile (things like picture, or post signatures)
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    Sending in a "Did You Know"

    Are we allowed to send in submissions for this. There's actually a few weird trivia things I know from Kingdom Hearts...
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    Any theories on KH:BBS Volume 2?

    After an awesome ending to BBS:FM I'm actually excited for BBS volume 2 but how much can they expand on that ending? There's no such thing as a KH game without a trio and so far it just looks like an extra aqua episode...